Jack Skellington Sega

Character: Jack Skellington

Series: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Manufacturer: Sega

Release Date: September 2012

Run: Prize

My Figure Collection Link: http://myfigurecollection.net/item/99219

The overall design of this figure didn’t have to go to far out of its way to catch my attention. The only problem was his release date, September 2012. There was no way I could cram him into my already figure laden month, so I passed on him. Imagine my surprise when he showed up on my doorstop regardless of my decision to let him go.

I guess that surprises are what the Pumpkin King is aiming for, so who am I to argue? I was expecting a box full of Banpresto’s Nunnally In Wonderland figures. I hadn’t expected Jack to be tucked in there as well. Nice Surprise!

His head is almost perfectly round. Along the top of his skull, and down the sides you can see the traces of a not quite hidden seam. You can only see it in certain lighting. From the front you cannot tell at all. His face is awesome! It has always amused that a skull can have so many facial expressions. Jack you defy all odds! This particular rendition of the king of Halloween Town appears to be concentrating very hard on the music he is playing. His jaw appears clenched, and his eye sockets are narrowed. I love it!

Jack’s bow tie is awesome. It almost resembles a bat. The long jagged pieces represent the wings, and the center of the bow is a bat head. The stripes are all over the place. I think they look neater this way. It doesn’t appear that Jack is wearing a shirt under his jacket. Fanservice for Sally??  The stripes on the front of his jacket match those on his bow tie; all over the place. His tiny button is perfect.

His guitar plays off several references to characters in the show. Including, but not limited to the evil duck toy, and the giant orange serpent. The candy cane whammy bar adds just a little touch of Christmas. The strap is made from pliable plastic, but is connected firmly to his back. The guitar has no strings.

Jack’s forefinger secured to the guitar head. I just noticed Jack only has four fingers. Interesting. His bony digits look pretty cool, but it is kind of funny, this is the only place with skeletal joints.

His other arm is outstretched over his head. Jack is really jamming. There is a tiny guitar pick in between his pointer finger, and thumb. This hand also has really great boney detail.

Like his arms, Jack’s legs are also very long, and thin. The white stripes decorating his suit still follow no particular order, and in some places can be seen going several different directions.

Each leg ends in a tiny foot. I do mean tiny. Jack is wearing little black dress shoes. Each shoe has a peg that slides snugly into his base.

The back of the suit really shows how crazy the pinstripes get. Just look at them. They are all over the place. The tails of the jacket match the bow tie, with their jagged appearance. The only wrinkles in his suit, are those around his waistline.

Jack’s base is a giant octagon. I do mean giant. It has to support all 9 1/2″ of him. The design on it is painted in silver. The back has a back image, and the front has a spider. Connecting the two are a very Burtonesque design of swirly lines. The center depicts the movie’s title.

His box is covered in red, and white swirls. It stands out quite well. There is one big window, and a couple of pictures of Jack on the front. The sides display the movie title on a tombstone, and the back shows his copyright info. I really like the picture on the front sides bottom!


Dynamic pose.

Great detail.

Love the guitar.


Weird stripes.

Overall Enjoyment: 9/10


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