Daddy Eyeball/ Medama No Oyaji Revoltech

Fit for Halloween, one man’s work stands above all others. Shigeru Mizuki, best known for his work Gegege No Kitaro has written hundreds of Yokai tales. My favorite of those monsters is none other than the one in today’s review: Daddy Eyeball.

Daddy’s head is as his name implies a giant eyeball. He still talks though which is in and of itself a very strange conundrum. The outer part of the eye is white and it surrounds a large red iris. The detailing on this giant eye looks great.

His body is very pudgy and very naked….awkward. He’s covered in joints that look a little weird, but when you take into account that you have a toy of an eyeball man the joints seem a little less odd. There’s a little bit of pink shading with the skin tone, it imitates flesh quite well. Because of his saggy little belly though his legs don’t raise very high, a pity.

His feet are little and kind of dwarfish looking, cute and odd just like the rest of the figure.

The back of his head is of course just a round white ball. I wouldn’t want it any other way either.

Daddy Eyeball’s back is vaguely akin to his front side. The joints stand out very strongly and the shading looks great. He also has a butt. It’s a weird saggy little butt that is extremely appropriate for this little guy. His base connects via a clear pole directly above his little butt.

This is as high as his legs will go. Other the that though he has a great range of movement. Since his base has foot pegs he can stand without the clear support piece as well. The base itself looks like mud and it even has a worm crawling on it.

Next we’ll start playing with some options, Daddy has quite a few of them after all. First we’ll talk about his iris. You can exchange it for a clear red one, it looks spookier and more like Daddy Eyeball from the live action movie. Then we’ll move on to giving him a bath. For this you need to tak him apart at the torso and remove his feet. The teacup has holes for you to insert each of these pieces into. He also has a teeny tiny little towel in his hand.

The cup itself is cracked and chipped. It looks dirty and like it’s been through hell, so in other words it’s perfect. The water that the Eyeball is lounging in is pink and the edges of it have a frosted effect for the finish. It looks great.

He comes with a completely illogical completely awesome teardrop option as well. Daddy Eyeball’s always been a bit of a crybaby and having a crying option is just plain adorable.

His box is great you can see various characters from Kitaro in the background like Momen and Kitaro himself. The colors are nice for a horror manga as well. It’s a great box.

The back shows different options that the figure has as well as what the other figures in the series can do. The are making both Kitaro and Ratman as well.

Come join Daddy Eyeball and Eyeball Jr. for a bath.

Kitaro fell asleep waiting for the bath to be over.

Overall this is a truly awesome representation of Daddy Eyeball. It looks great, moves great and is overall a really fun toy to have. Have a Happy Halloween everyone!


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I am a thirty three year old fujoshi. I adore Aniplex and Capcom both to a near criminal degree. I love cosplaying. Some of my favorites to date are Miles Edgeworth and Chrollo Lucifer. I am also currently working on Varuna. My absolute favorite genre is mystery. I LOVE a good mystery. I have a varying degree of fandoms. I love a lot of different anime, but I can honestly say I love old school american cartoons just the same. My favorite book is The Bacta War in the Star Wars X Wing novel series. I finally beat the Demi-Fiend! He was freaking hard!. I think that's all for now though.
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