Gegege no Kitaro Revoltech Kaiyodo

Character: Kitaro

Series: Gegege No Kitaro/ Hakaba Kitaro

Sculptor: Fukumoto Noritaka

Manufacturer: Kaiyodo

Release Date: July 2012

Run: Standard

My Figure Collection Link:

Revoltech’s Kitaro was probably the most exciting announcement of the year for. Gegege No Kitaro is an amazing franchise, and unfortunately lacking in really amazing figures. It has toys, but many are extremely hard to find or not so great. What really amazed me was the following announcement of Daddy Eyeball, and Ratman!

Kitaro is tiny. The little guy is barely 4″ tall. You can add a little bit of height with his really great base!

Today we are gonna start a little bit backwards, and talk about his base right from the get go. It is going to be featured in several upcoming images, so let’s get it covered. His base comes in 3 pieces which snaps together quite easily. The tombstone looks old and deteriorated. It is riddled with cracks. Behind it there are a couple of broken fence posts. The tree also appears twisted with age, its roots can be seen creeping up near the tombstone. There is a bit of grass, as well a skull adding further atmosphere to Kitaro’s world!

Kitaro’s hair is removable, so you can make him bald. This is kind of neat, because you can recreate the scenes where he shot his hair needles at some ner do well. The top of his bald head has a tiny hole in it. This is where you attach either his ahoge, or Daddy Eyeball. The ahoge is tiny though, so be careful.

He is wearing his vest woven from the hairs of his ancestors. The stripes are a little bit rough, but overall decent. The red ribbon isn’t sculpted particularly well, or painted well for that matter.  You can remove the vest, by removing his head, and arms. I don’t think it is really worth the effort. The red ribbon does hide the bendy joint in his chest well. Kitaro’s shirt buttons are all painted fairly well.

One of my favourite parts of this figure is the gradients used for his dead looking skin. The pale white face with the dark purple shading around his eyes looks great. As do his darker purple fingers, and toes. His hair is finely detailed, and pliable.Very easy to slide over his round dome. Daddy Eyeball can also sit in Kitaro’s open hand. There is a hole for his peg. Daddy has an ugly seem down his side, but he looks good in his pale fleshy colours as well.

The straps on his sandals are kind of bad. His toes are pretty awesome though. There is a hole in the sole of his right sandal to fit onto his base.

Kitaro has really smooth joints. I really appreciate the double joint in his neck. It makes his head super posable! Injection mark on his chin. Not cool. All of Kitaro’s several joints move smoothly.

Each arm has three points of articulation, As does each leg. His waist turns, and his chest bends. Overall he is quite the flexible figure. Kitaro has a large array of possible poses available.

This is probably my favourite pose for him.

Kitaro also comes with a bunch of extra pieces to play with. He comes with a total of 7 interchangeable hands, and three faces. He also comes with a tiny orange box for his pieces.

The really fun thing about the faces, is that you can even mix them up a bit. each eyeball pops out, and can be traded between the faces. This gives you even more options.

Kitaro’s box looks a bit bland at first. The overall brown colouring isn’t very eye-catching. The window on the front gives a fairly good view of the figure, and accessories. The back of the box shows all three figures in this series.

What really catches your eye here, and what makes the box really cool is the art work. There are images of the Kitaro world all over the sides of the box!


Daddy Eyeball!

Great posability!

Great colours.

Awesome base.

Neat box Art.

Interchangeable face options.


Paint is a bit sloppy.

Overall Enjoyment: 10/10


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