Haruna Sairenji Banpresto

Character: Haruna Sairenji

Series: To LOVEru

Manufacturer: Banpresto

Release Date: July 2009

Special Notes: Ichiban Kuji Prize B

My Figure Collection Link: http://myfigurecollection.net/item/8996

Haruna was easily my favourite character in the To LOVEru franchise. I absolutely adore my FurYu christmas figure of her, and have been hoping for some time that this figure would find her way to me as well. It may have taken awhile, but if there is one thing that I learned while collecting figures, it is that some things are worth the wait.

Not including her base, Haruna is roughly 10″ tall. She is no little girl. Given her size she may be a bit hard to work onto the shelf, but I am sure I can find her a home.

Haruna’s face is lively, and full of joy. Generally I like it when I can look at a figure, and get an idea of what it is feeling. If you can’t tell if she is happy, or sad then somebody failed somewhere. This figure you can clearly see her eyes are lit up, as she smiles happily. Haruna seems to be enjoying herself a great deal.

The right side of her hair, as well as her ribbon are moving slightly as she dances.Her purple locks are layered nicely giving her hair a bit of body. I love the layering around her bangs. These tiny tendrils are made from a pliable plastic, so theoretically they shouldn’t break off to easy. Her tiny pink rose is sculpted very well, and painted with a pearly finish. The darker pink ribbon has a light pink splotch on it.

The seam lines on her hair are pretty ugly, but they can only be seen from the top, thankfully.

Her neck, and shoulders are sculpted quite well. She has a fantastic collar-bone. Haruna also has very fine breasts.They are not only proportioned well, but displayed wonderfully above the frills of her party dress. Very nice!

This single strapped little number is trimmed along the top with ruffles, and roses. The dark pink ribbon on her shoulder is also made of a pliable plastic. The strap of the dress is almost completely hidden behind this accessory. The two pink roses finish the job. The frills along the top give the dress a little bit of a baby doll look. The top portion of the dress conforms to her torso, and further emphasizes her feminine curves.

The open back of the dress shows off her bare back, and nicely sculpted shoulder blades. Just below the frills, you can see where the dress laces up. Pragmatically speaking this makes no sense since the ribbon doesn’t go all the way to the top. It is aesthetically pleasing though. The creases in the fabric back here, are great. The seam line on her left arm is pretty noticeable.

Haruna’s arms both look very good. Each one is shaped well from her shoulders to her wrists. She even has defined elbows. Her pink gloves are no exception. They are topped with pink ruffles to match her evening attire. Her fingers are sculpted very well, and her right hand looks like it is actually hold her skirt. The glove on her left hand has wrinkles where her wrist is bending. Nice attention to detail! She is riddled with rough seams.

At her left hip, Haruna wears another rose, where the upper skirt layer is gathered. Like the other flowers up to this point, this one also looks very nice. The skirt is not form-fitting, so we see far less definition here. The areas around her hand, and the rose show that the sculptor was still working hard at making the fabric look natural. The bottom edge of the dress probably could have been sanded better. It is quite rough. There is also a seam line down her right side which could have been hidden better.

The back of  Haruna’s skirt matches the front well. The crinkles at her left hip going towards her hand look great. Again it looks like she is actually holding the skirt up. It might just be me, but from this angle it looks like Haruna might have some great hips.

I don’t know about hips, but she definitely has amazing legs. They are long, slender, shapely, and sexy. Her knees and ankles look great, and those thighs…! Each leg does have a seam line down the outer side. These clearly could have been sanded down better, but unless you get close her legs are amazing.

Even behind her knees looks good. Serious kudos to this sculptor.

I think her feet might be a bit too flat. Her shoes look decent. The style is cute, and matches the design of her dress well. If the tops of her feet were just a bit more arched I would be happy. This is honestly my least favourite part of this figure. Odd shaped feet really bother me.

Her base is shaped like a diamond. It seems kind of fitting for her mode of dress. The pink ribbon design wrapped around the diamond looks fantastic. This really makes me think of Valentine’s Day. Her name flanked by tiny white flowers also adorns her base. A shame her foot covers her name.

Haruna’s box is very plain. It is huge, and white. The front boasts the title of the show as well as Haruna’s name. It also has a large rectangular window. The two sides have oval windows, and feature the same writing. The rear side shows a couple different angles of the figure itself.


She looks so happy.

Her dress is lovely.

She has a very shapely body.

She feels sturdy.


Her feet look strange.

Skirt is jagged along the edge.

Her size may make her hard to display.

Her box is boring.

Overall Enjoyment: 8/10


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