Lunatic S.H. Figuarts Bandai

Character: Lunatic

Series: Tiger & Bunny

manufacturer: Bandai

Release Date: July 2012

MyFigureCollection Link:

After my recent completion of the Tiger & Bunny series, I can honestly say that Lunatic is my absolute favourite character from the franchise. Unfortunately this review is not about Lunatic himself, but about his S.H. Figuart. I am however, totally stoked about this figure, and I would be happy to share why!

For anyone who is a fan of the X-Men, the concept of Tiger & Bunny should be pretty easy to digest. The “Next” are people who are “superior” to humans because of their “mutant” powers. Now I know they weren’t exactly called mutants, but is similar none the less. Along the way you meet characters who are happy with their powers, and use them regularly, for better or worse. You also meet characters who don’t like their abilities, and would rather not share them. There are the ones who think the Next are superior, as well as those who see them as an abomination that must be purged. Among these differing opinions you will find the man called Lunatic, who couldn’t care less if you are a next or not, he and Thanatos will bring you to justice.

This figure comes with two different head options. The first one gives you a clear view of his eerie features. His eyes are probably the creepiest part of his face, or at least the first of many creep points. His blue eye balls bulge out of the mask unnaturally. This is pretty awesome, as in the show they not only bug out, but they roll around randomly. Scary.  He has no nose, and his dark purple lips are parted to show off some wicked looking teeth. The scary eyes, lack of nose, and pulled back lips make me think of a very creepy blue skull. The blue, and green design on his forehead is mostly see through. The green, and black outlines are painted perfectly.

The second head looks really neat, as blue flames erupt from his eyes. This is usually how he looks just before he brings you to “justice”. I think that obscuring his eyes makes him a bit less frightening overall. You can see the buggy things behind the flames, but it seems a bit less intimidating. The transparent plastic used for the flames looks amazing. I am a big fan of the gradients used here.

Lunatic’s costume is mostly blue, and black. The top portion of the outfit is painted nicely. The green stripes look great. Like most of the guys from Tiger & Bunny it looks like Lunatic may have gotten lost in the women’s section of Sears, where he bought this stylish mini skirt. Oh what fabulous bell bottoms he is wearing. He is even wearing elf toed boots. I find it very amusing how scary he looks from the waist up, but from the waist down…oh boy. All of the detailing on the main figure looks great.

He also has the option of wearing his cloak. This piece is a little awkward. It is made of a hard non pliable plastic, which makes posing him odd. Don’t fret though, there are two front options; the raised arm version, as well as the lowered arm version. This makes it so he can wear the cloak, and shoot you with his crossbow! The paint on the mantle is a little bit sloppy in comparison to the main figure. The cloak comes apart at the sides, and just snaps together.

Here on the back you can see that there is no lack of paint quality, even though this side is seen less. Under his belt on the right side there are three holes. Each one has an accessory that fits into it. The two smaller ones, I believe hold crossbow bolts, but I am not 100% sure. On the far right you have the crossbow holster. This is really cool, because you can actually put the crossbow in it, or take it out depending on the pose you choose.

Here is a picture of the accessories once they are attached. I think they look pretty cool. There are two different crossbows. One that is folded up for the holster, and another that is ready to deal fiery death.

Lunatic comes with quite a few additional parts. He has an extra head, 5 pairs of hands, 2 large fireballs, 2 smaller fireballs, 3 belt attachments, 2 different crossbows, and the three cloak pieces.

Not a bad selection at all. The five right hands, and five left hands all match each other perfectly. I love the long, gangly fingers. Very crazy looking!

The four matching hands that are not pictured above, are actually tucked away inside the fireball that connect at his wrists. Interesting. This is the deconstructed fireball, and the hand that hides inside. For fear of mixing up the pieces you only get one example. 😛

The crossbows are perfect whether you want him wielding it, or not. If you choose to have him throwing fireballs, then the folded up crossbow slides easily into its holster. He can even wear it under the cloak. If you want to show off the crossbow in its blazing glory then just remove the folded version from its case, and put the full crossbow in his hand. Voila! An option for every occasion!

This figure is articulated very well. He has a joint at his waist allowing him to bend but not turn, and another joint below his chest. His neck is also articulated at both the top, and bottom. This makes his head super posable. You can lay his head on his shoulder, granted this makes him look scarier, but I guess that is the point.

He also has three points of movement on each arm. There is a joint at his shoulder, elbow, and wrist. Each point moves smoothly. His shoulder pads are connected to his arms instead of his shoulders, so it doesn’t inhibit his movements. All three of the S.H. Figuarts in my possession have this feature. I really appreciate it. The joints at his wrist are little ball joints, which makes it easy to pop his hands on, and off. His elbows are double jointed, this makes it easy to bend his arms all the way at this point.

Like his arms, Lunatic has plenty of articulated points in his legs, and feet. His hip joints move smoothly. His knees are double jointed which is pretty cool.  These double joints really do make it easier to pose the figure naturally. It is great.  His ankles are jointed as well. They move pretty well, but are overly useless due to his pant legs. Like the other figures in this series his feet are metal. I believe this helps with stability. There is also a tiny joint near his toes. I love it, because it makes his shoes curl even more!

His base is a transparent light grey rectangle that lists his secret identity, his real name, and depicts the scales of justice. The post on the back has a claw piece that holds his waist. This offers excellent support.

The front of the box shows Yuri, out of his costume, as well as in it. You can clearly see most of his accessories through the front window. The back of the box shows him in a couple of fairly cool poses. Below are a couple of them, as well as a couple I made up.

My personal favourite! He is so about to kill someone.

This one is pretty cool too!

I almost broke his head off on this one. Oops.

Gotta get some Origami Cyclone love in there too! I love these two! Keith went M.I.A. so maybe Ivan is avenging him……


Excellent mobility.

Great paint job!

Awesome accessories.

Amazing character.


The cloak feels really cheap…

Overall Enjoyment: 9/10


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2 Responses to Lunatic S.H. Figuarts Bandai

  1. colonelfancy says:

    I don’t mean to abuse hyperbole (at times), but I have to say, without question, this is the goddamned, freakiest, scariest toy I can recall you owning…….and that reason alone makes it a god amongst figuarts!! The fiery eyes, the fire hands, the super detachable ultra cape. this toy is WIN of the highest order!!

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