Al Azif 1/7 Beat

Character: Al Azif

Series: Demonbane

Sculptor: Fujii Takashi

Scale: 1/7

Manufacturer: Beat

Release Date: August 2010

MyFigureCollection Link:

Al Azif is one of my favourite puffballs powered by evil. She is the physical embodiment of the most well-known grimoire in history; the Necronomicon. By using a combination of her amazing powers, her unwitting sidekick, and an awesome mech, Al Azif kicks some villainous backside. I wonder what spell she is casting this time.

Al is clearly about to set off some fireworks on somebody. I just hope I am not on the receiving end of that blast.

Her facial features all look really great. Her green eyes are applied beautifully. You can tell something caught her gaze off to her right. She is also showing a tiny smile. Confident as always. Her light purplish pink bangs frame her face well, giving a bit of extra emphasis to her contrasting green eyes.

Al’s hands are positioned over her head. With the webbed background it almost looks like she is stuck! The fingers of her left hand are splayed, and curled. Why they are curled backwards I couldn’t tell you. Her right hand looks much better  than the left. Her palms are really nice. The wraps that Al Azif wears around her wrists are well sculpted. Her ruffles look great. They added some dark blue shading, which looks quite nice. The red ribbons are blowing upward as if caught in the magic itself.

Look at those fingers. That has got to hurt! Al Azif’s hair is wrapped up in ribbons, just as it should be. The red pieces are all painted clearly, and look really nice. The bows near the top of her head also seem to be caught in the turbulence. The long hair in back is finely sculpted, and quite firm, it is fairly delicate. She must be handled with care.

The black and white hair accessories look a bit like wings. These are held on by a single peg each, which fits into her hair. They are securely attached so no assembly is needed. They feel very fragile.

Her dress is covered in dainty frills, and accented with tiny red bows. The bow at the top is made out of ruffles. It looks pretty cool. The tiny red ribbons actually appear to be buttons. I am not sure if they are, but that is how it looks. The frills go all the way down the front of the dress, and along the bottom edge. The whole dress is tinted with blue shading. It looks great.

She definitely has nice legs. Very shapely. Al’s socks have a cute jagged edge. They are held up with matching red bows that are floating upward. Her little black shoes are pretty plain, but the soles are detailed nicely. She is a bit pidgeon toed, which looks uncomfortable, but overall her pose looks cool.

The mirrored base, huh two in a row, is detailed with magic symbols. Al fits on it loosely, so she must be picked up by her base. The black edge is about a half an inch tall, so she has a bit of a pedestal. The inscription looks great, but I would have preferred a clear base, over the mirror. I did laugh though, my box says unsuitable for individuals under 15 years of age. I can only guess that is because her panties are pretty detailed, and in full mirrored view.

Her box is pretty cool. It is a mix of smokey black, purple, and red. The back has a really neat picture of her above the copyright info. One side Shows the magic symbol. The other side has a six pointed star-shaped window, and the front ? has a window shaped like her hair wing. The unbalanced window design is weird, but it looks cool. The colour scheme does Arkham proud.


Really cool pose.

The base has an awesome magic design.

Excellent to detail to her clothing.

Beautiful face.


Weird finger positioning.

Loose fit on the base.

Overall Enjoyment: 8/10


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