Rio Rollins Tachibana Sega

Character: Rio Rollins Tachibana

Series: Super Black Jack

Manufacturer: Sega

Sculptor: Azusa Rei

Release Date: February 2008

Special Note: Prize Figure

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My first figure of Rio was a random trading figure that was picked up in a convention dealer room. She had a really cute character design, and a load of fun costumes. In case you were wondering I drew the catgirl maid from the box. After that first casual meeting I started buying a trading figure of her very time I found one in the dealer room. Then I saw it on AnimeNewsNetWork, they were making a Rio anime. I couldn’t wait. When it “finally” aired, I loved it from episode one, but episode two sealed the deal. Now it was time to find something bigger, something that stood out on my shelf.

There were a handful of Rio statues, but only one of them peaked my fancy, and she is still on my list of grails. One day I will find her. There were also a large array of prize figures, many of them were by Sega. It seemed that most of these had huge, hard to display bases, with unsightly pieces that held her legs. I wasn’t happy. After much searching I stumbled upon this two pack of Sega prizes that really stood out!

The first one is Rio Rollins Tachibana EX Figure-Black. She isn’t exactly wearing black, but I can roll with it. One of the things that really first caught my eye was the interesting way that they chose to shade her hair. Rio’s hair should be a strikingly bright shade of dark pink. This Rio’s hair has a unique blend of yellow, pink, and purple. Honestly it looks pretty cool. The sculpt of her hair looks nice as well. I am quite fond of the way it falls over her hand.

From the side you can see how her locks rest against her hand, and how her fingers are curled beneath them. It is even kind of cute how the back of her hair curls toward her hand. The only thing that really bothers me here, is that it looks like her elbow should be resting on something. The pose looks slightly awkward with her leaning against nothing.

Rio’s face is cute. Her eyes are a vibrant shade of green, that stands out quite well with her pink hair. They are painted on clearly. Her mouth however lacks definition, and makes her look like she has a fat upper lip. Upon close inspection, she looks a bit funny. Also here you can see her neck ribbon. This is a sexy little accessory, but it would look much better if the paint was less sloppy.

The straps of her sexy purple dress are perfect. That is because they are not attached to her skin. Since they are separate pieces, there is no sloppy paint! For that matter it appears that the dress itself is all separate from her chest, and arms. Good call Sega. There is a pretty ugly seem just below the drooping strap. Viewing her from a higher angle completely negates this problem. Rio is wearing an oversized bangle on each arm. I like the way the right one is positioned as if it had slid up her raised arm.

Rio’s back is very nice. Just look at the muscles. They did a very nice job with the detailing here. Too bad it is on the side you don’t typically display.

Her garter belt is painted crisply. The stripe is pretty much spot on. Rio has very shapely legs, and a very high cut skirt. You can even catch a glimpse of her panties. Thankfully they didn’t go out of the way with extra detail here. The pointed hem of her dress is nice, and even, Quite sexy too. The ribbons near her ankles are another sexy touch. They definitely could have been painted better, but they look alright. Her ankles, and feet however have very little shape. Her calf just leads right into a foot. There is no arch on the tops of her feet, and they don’t naturally taper into toes. It looks chunky, and odd.

Her base comes in three individual pieces, that may be arranged however you see fit. Since she is a long figure I chose to assemble them in a straight line. Each hexagonal piece is covered with a shiny mirrored sticker. Since they are stickers the reflection is a bit distorted.

The second figure in the set is Rio Rollins Tachibana Ex Figure- Red. Well if you thought you were confused by the black version, then try to wrap your brain around this one. I am confused. Maybe she is titled by footwear…

This version’s hair has less purple, and slightly softer shading.  She also has a troubled look on her face, as opposed to the happy face. Her eyes are just as nice as the other one, but the expression looks so much more somber. It makes me feel a little sad for her. She is playing with her little ribbon. Does she want to take the little orange dress off. Her expression says, no. I will admit her mouth looks much better on this figure.

Her fingers grasp the end of the tiny purple ribbon in a teasing fashion. The outside of her hand looks really good. The inside, however didn’t fare so well, as her fingers lose all their shape on the under side. Her collar-bone looks fantastic. We also get a great display of cleavage. The little jagged trim at the top of her dress is a cute touch, but for some reason it doesn’t go around the back.

The tiny orange dress? does little to obscure her body. There are high slits on the sides of the already short garment.  It is sexy, and clings to her body. The dark ribbon on her arm is painted well, and matches her front ribbon. The back of her wrist has some pretty nasty scuffs on it. She also a blubbery thigh. I don’t know what that is about. Is Rio gaining weight?

The front of her legs are more shapely, and do look very nice, with the exception of a seam line running down the length of each one.  Another panty glimpse, again glad for the lack of detail, as there is no way to display this figure without viewing them. I am quite alright with panty shots, but thanks to Yoko I never want to see another crotch fully outlined through their attire. Rio does have ankle bones this time, which is nice, but her feet still look pretty bad.

There is some sloppy paint along the top edge of her ribbon. That looks kind of tacky. Like the other one, she has great back muscles, and shoulder blades. It looks like she has a mole on her right side. 😛 that was just a speck that came right off. Oops.

Her base also came in three pieces. Each with a shiny, reflective sticker. I assembled hers into a triangular shape, so it would fit her properly.


Both figures have a very sexy design.

Nice use of gradients on her hair.

Reall pretty eyes.


Sexiness is flawed by awkward body shaping.

Sloppy paint on accessories.

Overall Enjoyment: 7/10


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