Gashapons, Trading Figures, and Petits Need Love Too Vol 6: Rilliane Lucifen d’ Autriche Sega

My absolute favourite Vocaloid story is Aku no Musume, so imagine my delight when I found this little vignetteum. Sega actually made a figure of Rin Kagamine as Rilliane Lucifen d’Autriche. I couldn’t have asked for more.

The figure itself is kind of cute. It puts me in the mind of Kotobukiya’s swirly eyed chibi figures. Rilliane is wearing her black and gold dress, seen in many of the various Daughter of Evil videos. Her face looks sinister, like she is thinking something devious.  The details on the dress are painted fairly well. They also put a fair bit of attention into her hair accessories. The black rose, and hair clips look really nice.

One thing that really amused me is that she has no hands. Her sleeves are long. The right hand, which is holding her dress up is still inside the sleeve. There is a peg that fits behind her to support the weight of her large head, I mean inflated ego. Rilliane’s hair is pulled up into a cute little ponytale, she even has an ahoge up top!

Her base is pretty cool. It is a little diorama of her evil kingdom. It also has a sticker on the front, which tells us what song the figure is based on, as well as the original author; Mothy.

She comes in a simple pink box with a window on the front. Each side shows one of the four figures in this collection. The back side has her copyright info. Overall this is a fun piece for any Vocaloid collector, and a must have for fans of The Evil Saga!


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I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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