Celty Sturluson – 1/8 – Ikebukuro Night Ver. Kaitendoh

Character: Celty Sturluson

Series: Durarara

Sculptor: Abe Takumi

Scale: 1/8

Manufacturer: Kaitendoh

Release Date: March 2011

MyFigureCollection Link: http://myfigurecollection.net/item/54611

As promised for October plenty of creepers, and a little love for the tatas on the side. So this time around we will be focusing on Durarara’s sexy faerie, Celty Sturluson. Her dark appearance may be misleading, but Celty is a type of Irish faerie called a Dullahan. These headless fey folk fall under the category of “unseely”, or dark faeries. I thought she would be perfect for the month of Halloween.

I remember when this figure was first announced, I couldn’t hold back my excitement. Someone was making a figure of Celty, sure I had no idea what Kaitendoh could do, but who cares? I just knew I wanted her. There was even a special version. Who can resist special versions? I know I can’t. So here she is, in her Ikebukuro Night version glory.

Celty’s head is pretty fun. You get two interchangeable head pieces. The first one is her yellow catlike helmet. The second is black smoke pouring from her neck. Her helmet looks really good. It is coloured with a pearly paint, this makes the helmet look well-kept. The blue designs are all painted precisely. The “S” above her visor looks really great, and the visor itself is detailed with lighter gray areas, giving the appearance of light reflecting from it. The two little vents under the visor have always made me think her helmet looked more piglike than catlike, but it is cute either way. Do headless people really need air vents…?

The back of the helmet also has a couple of vents. The shading between them looks really interesting. To me it looks as if smoke has been coming through them, leaving the darker marking. Probably just my interpretation, but I think it looks pretty cool.

The smokey piece looks a bit funny to me. I think it looks more like a black flame, than smoke. Either option fits well onto her neck. Honestly I prefer the helmet.

Her neck looks a little bit fat to me, but it might just be a lack of detail. There is absolutely no definition to her neck. It is perfectly round. She does have a fairly pronounced collarbone, and decent pair of breasts. I remember Celty having a couple of fanservice moments, but I don’t remember her unzipping her jumpsuit. This looks like it is trying too hard. She even has little nipple peaks. Must be some thin leather.

The front of her jumpsuit has a zipper sculpted into the front of it. This may be a bit hard to see, as it is painted the exact same pearly shade as the jumpsuit itself. As you can see there are very few folds in her outfit. This can be taken a couple different ways. First the sculptor could be lazy. Second the sculptor may have tried his best, and come out with a mediocre product, or lastly it is his interpretation of the character. I like to think the latter is the answer. I find it hard to believe that so little effort was really applied. I like to believe that because Celty makes her clothing with her powers, they fit her perfectly, and thus have no reason to crease or fold. Would her figure look better with more of these details? Of course, but maybe, just maybe it was with good intention that these were left off.

The back of the outfit is just as nondescript. Her butt looks unnatural, and slightly longer than it should. Weird. There are a few more folds back here, than up front. They are noticeable near the small of her back, under her butt, and around her knees.

Celty’s hands are very nice. The detailing to her gloves is excellent. Apparently gloves can have wrinkles. Her fingers look great though, you can see the knuckles emphasized on each individual digit.

Her boots are fairly boring. Like everything else she is wearing, there is no detail, or shading.  Just glossy black paint.

Celty’s scythe has a pretty cool design. The bottom end has a slight hook to it, giving it a wicked appearance. The top half of the staff looks twisted near the top, and has the extra web like piece connecting to the blade. The design of this weapon is really cool, but seriously a bit more detail to the blade would have been fantastic, but no. Just pearly black paint. The scythe does come in two pieces which easily slide into her clenched fist.

Her base is….a plain black circle. Heh. It isn’t even pearly, I guess she didn’t make that with her powers. One foot fits tightly onto the base. Of the people I know who have this figure, all have complained about leaning issues. Be careful. You may wonder why mine doesn’t lean, well that is easy. All my excitement for her died after opening the box, and looking her over. She has spent the last year, and a half hanging out in my closet with all the empty boxes.

Speaking of boxes.  Her box is easily the best part of her. She comes packaged in between two plastic blister pieces, as per the norm. The front of her box has an image of her below a large window. Each side depicts the cast of Durarara. The back of the box shows the figure, and her accessories. There is a small window on the top flap, which doesn’t stay shut, because it was just taped shut. The entire box is decorated with caution tape. Nice touch.

Thank god for Alter making a infinitely better figure of her. They look really funny side by side. Now this one can go back in my closet. To prevent her from leaning of course.

What I wouldn’t give for a Mikado statue. What is up with that!?


Her box looks nice.

Neat idea for the scythe.

She is shiny!!!!


She leans.

She is boring.

Lack of detailing.

Box doesn’t close.

Her msrp was $89.00.


Overall Enjoyment: 4/10


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