Cryska Barchenowa 1/7 Kotobukiya

Character: Cryska Barchenowa

Series: Muv Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse

Scale: 1/7

Sculptor: Hashimoto Ryou, and M.I.C.

Manufacturer: Kotobukiya

Release Date: July 2012

MyFigureCollection Link:

October is easily my favourite month of the year. The weather is perfect. The trees are beautiful, and it is the home of my favourite holiday, Halloween. October is also a very important month if you happen to be a woman, as it is Breast Cancer Awareness month. So this year I decided to show a little love for not only Halloween, but for the tatas as well. This month will be full of creepers, ghosts, fairies, demons, and of course beautiful women! Without further ado my first October review, Cryska Barchenowa!

Cryska Barchenowa is the second of the Scarlet Twins, older sister of Inia Sestina, whom I reviewed just last month. Of the three Muv Luv girls brought to us recently by Kotobukiya, Cryska is the final piece. Lets take a closer peek.

Like her sister, Cryska’s purple eyes are bold, and beautiful. Her sexy expression goes very well with the Santa ensemble. I am not sure why she is the only one with a Christmas theme, but hey, who can resist a pretty girl in santa get-up? Her bangs frame her face amazingly well. The tips of hair are shaded just a tiny bit to add a natural look to them. You can also see her power restraint clips under her hat.

The power inhibitors are evenly placed on her head. The left one is hidden under over laying bangs which I find fairly appealing, and again very natural. Also note the way her hair falls over her shoulder.

The back of her hair also has the darker shading, adding a bit of depth. The subtle change of colour is very pretty. It also has a pearly finish, which makes it appear very soft.

I am sure you didn’t notice that Cryska is one voluptuous babe, and her tiny red top does little to hide this fact. Especially the underside. I have never been a big fan of breasts hanging out the bottom of garments. Thanks to Yoko Litner, we have coined this “underboob”. The top side looks nice though. The white trim could have been painted a little crisper. I did find a bit funny that little Inia has visible nipples, and womanly Cryska does not. Awkward….

Cryska also has a very nice belly. It isn’t so defined that you can see her muscles, however you can definitely tell she has a firm tummy. She doesn’t really have a belly button. That was kind of disappointed.

Her hands are very nicely detailed. Both hands are splayed, each dainty finger is bent naturally, and tipped with a tiny unpainted fingernail. The palms of her hands are curved as they should be. This is nice, as they could have left them flat since they are facing down. Overall I think her hands, or her face are her best features.

Cryska’s legs are interesting. She has very shapely thighs, but not so shapely calves. She has good detailed ankles, but they seem to thin. So her legs from the knee down look really good, but seem to belong to a smaller figure.

Her stockings look nice. There are plenty of folds near her knees, and toes. The soft, pearly pink goes very well with her red swimsuit. I am not sure why one would wear stockings with a swimsuit though, unless employed by Hugh Hefner.

Her feet are really amusing. They are really thin, and long. I appreciate the attempt at individual toes, but this left foot looks like a flipper…

Cryska has a very sexy back. She is slender, and beautiful. The curve of her spine is very attractive. The little swimsuit tie hangs off of her back, as opposed to lying flat against her. Her swimsuit bottom is sloppy around the edges. The shading on it is pretty impressive though. Like her top, the bottom is a couple of sizes to small.

As an added special we got a plush Santa hat, and scarf with her. By scarf, I mean pipe cleaner. I question Kotobukiya’s sanity over this decision. The hat is soft, and fluffy. So why the heck would they go with a pipe cleaner.

They were even really nice. They gave us two pipe cleaners. There is a long one, and a short one. I have to admit I don’t get this at all. I guess we could share with Inia.

Her base is a silky, pink cushion. I think these bases are a bit cumbersome. It is hard to fit the dang things on my shelf right. Also here you can see the cute hat, and the super amazing pipe cleaners. *Sorry about the sarcasm*

The front window on Cryska’s box is barely big enough to view her. Each side has a heart-shaped window which does help a bit. The back shows her with the original art image. I wasn’t very impressed with her box. The design is really nice, but the front window, or lack there of is annoying.


She is beautiful, and sexy.

Her colours are very bold.

She looks amazing with Inia.

Cryska has very expressive eyes.

Sexy Santa!


She has flipper feet.

Her legs are slightly out of proportion.

Her base is too big.

Her box doesn’t offer much of a view.

Overall Enjoyment: 7/10


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