Airou Game Characters Collection DX MegaHouse

Characters: Airou

Series: Monster Hunter

Manufacturer: MegaHouse

Release Date: February 2009 Link:

Airou is the cute felyne companion that accompanies you on quests. He helps you fight, and gather goodies. He can even help you heal. It may be silly, but this little guy drew me to the game. You can also get felyne chefs, but that is another story.

This particular version of our beloved felyne companion stands at 5.83 inches tall, and weighs quite a bit. Honestly, I was surprised by his size.

Airou is clad in his acorn armour ready for adventure. Well, mostly ready anyway. It looks like he may be using his little paw to clean his cheek. So after a brief cleaning he will be ready to go.

His face is very cute. The sculptor added a slight texture to give the impression of fur. This looks good, and fairly natural. Usually I am not a fan of closed eyes on my figures, as they have a tendency to look awkward, but his slightly raised cheek and the definition around his eye lid look perfect. His big blue eye is very vibrant, and beautifully painted. His tiny nose is a bright pink. It stands out well against his dark facial markings. I was a little unsure about the protruding whiskers. In the promotional pictures they looked questionable. Now that I have him, the only thing that bothers me about the whiskers is their fragility.

Airou’s paw is really nice. The detail is very good. His little toes curl naturally as he brushes the back of his paw over his fur. He has little paw pads covering his palm. Even his tiny claws are painted precisely. The thumb claw looks a bit sloppy, but that is a glare. It really looks great.

Airou has got some fabulous markings. Each felyne has the cat paw marks on their arms, and belly. This one is no different. Everywhere that he has dark spots shading is used to make a blending effect. This felyne has some truly wonderful markings!

The helmet that he is wearing is a part of his acorn ensemble. It looks like it is genuinely carved from wood.  There is an acorn stuck to either side of the visor piece. A really cute touch. There is also a spike atop the head-gear that resembles the bottom of an acorn. The only issue I, personally have with the helmet is the black rectangles on the mask. I think they should have taken the extra effort to cut the view holes out, opposed to blackening them. It looks good none the less, it just takes away from the realism. Around the edges of the helmet, and the top spike there is brown shading. This looks really amazing. The shoulder pads match the helmet well. The paw prints imprinted are a pretty cute. At the top of his shoulders you can see the tiny ropes holding the armour together.

The breastplate also appears to be carved from wood. The colour compliments the acorn theme very well. The details on this piece are also very natural in appearance. The ropes that hold the pieces together look really good. He also has a buckle on each side which I would assume is how he dons the armour.

Airou’s shoulder guards are held together by a red, buckled strap. The buckle itself is painted clearly with dark shading around the edges. It looks like it is really pressing against the red strap!

Airou’s weapon of choice is the CatsPaw. Believe it or not this weapon is classified as a sword. The staff itself is textured like wood. The sculptor did a great job with the different textures on this figure. The fur, weapon, and armour all look fantastic. The handle, which he isn’t holding, has a simple cloth wrapped around it; complete with strings to hold it in place. The giant paw has big circular paw pads sewn on haphazardly. The claws are quite sharp, and would make a very good slashing weapon. Unless I am mistaken this item also aids in the thieving ability. The bottom of the plush paw appears to be stuffed with straw.

The back of the paw has stripes. It almost looks like the markings of a Tea Tiger Felyne. It doesn’t really matter which side you are viewing from, there are little details to catch from every angle.

From the back it is a little bit easier to see the acorn spike on the top of his helmet. You can also clearly see the colour gradients blending together. The shoulder guards have ropes attached to them as well. It even looks like the rope is really going through holes in the armour. The attention to how the armour fits around him is really impressive.

Just beneath Airou’s breastplate there is a rope that circles his belly. This rope holds up the barrel kept on his back. Not only is he equipped with the CatsPaw, but also with some heavy artillery. I have fallen victim to a felyne bomb more than once myself. as with the rest of the figure, the canister is sculpted to authentically replicate a wooden barrel. The metal rings even look a bit rusted. The paw print painted on either side adds a nice bit of personality.

The giant strap keeps the barrel from falling off of his back. The buckle looks really good, and again here you can see the metal rings a bit better. Very nice.

Airou’s tail is a sore spot for me. The only noticeable flaw I could find on this figure is the awful seemline around his tail. Since this is on the back of the figure, and hard to see, it doesn’t attract much attention. I do think they could have done a bit better though.

It looks like Airou found a Blue Mushroom! His feet are excellent. Each little toe is tipped with a tiny claw. His base is simple, but really impressive. The sculptor has already done an amazing job with textures so far, so why not add a couple more to the base. The dirt looks good, and the grass isn’t bad either. I don’t imagine sculpting grass easy an easy task, but they made it look pretty good.

I thought I should talk a bit about Airou’s weapon as it harbors a bit of a problem. The top-heavy sword already feels delicate. Add to that the peg that fits snugly into Airou’s paw, and the peg that fits into his base, and you have a precarious situation. I am scared it is going to break. I have found that fitting it partially into his paw, then into the base, and finishing by pushing it the rest of the way in works best.

His box is just as neat as he is. The front has a large window, perfect for MIB collectors. The top has a big paw print window, and the sides each have two. Each side also shows a picture of the two different colour variations, the Airou version (This one), and the Melynx version (The black one). I hope to eventually have them both. The back of the box shows both figures together. This figure is my second pre-owned figure from AmiAmi, and as you can see there is no damage to the figure (Condition:A), and little damage to the box (Condition:B). The front window was loose, and needed to be taped back in, and the front right side of the box had a tear. You can see this on the far left side of the picture above.

As a bit of an added bonus, the inside cardboard piece is a huge picture of the felyne kitchen. Now if only they would make a felyne chef figure….


He is super cute!

He feels very well made.

Great use of textures.

The use of colour gradients on his fur markings, and armour are amazing!

His box is fun.

Great Paint Job!


His weapon is hard to get into the pegs.

His tail seem is bad.

Overall Enjoyment: 10/10


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