Keith Goodman & Ivan Karelin Kyun Chara Banpresto

Characters: Keith Goodman & Ivan Karelin

Series: Tiger & Bunny

Manufacturer: Banpresto

Release Date: August 2012

Special Notes: Twin Pack Ichiban Kuji Prize

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This little two pack was the top prize in the latest Tiger & Bunny Ichiban Kuji, needless to say I didn’t win them. So the next step was to send someone out to find them. It didn’t take too long for my proxy to find them elsewhere. I have wanted them since the initial concept picture, so I am so glad he was able to get them.

The Kyun Chara series of figures are similar in height to their less exclusive counterparts, the Chibi-Arts. Unfortunately they are not posable, and have no accessories. They are cute regardless, and if you happen to be collector of three and a half-inch chibis, they are a nifty addition. Keith looks so happy. I guess that is what I love about him. That happy puppy personality. The application of his facial features was done well. Everything is smooth, and even. His hands look good too. Very nice for chibi fingers.

For this figure he is wearing his typical street attire, jeans, a white t-shirt, and a denim jacket. He has his little starburst patch on his sleeve, which I thought was a nice touch. Other than this there isn’t a whole lot of detailing on his clothes. His jacket, and jeans show seem lines where the fabric is sewn together, but there is no shading to highlight these areas. The same goes for his back pockets. He does have a little brown belt that is painted nicely. His shoes look good too. Still no shading though.

They did a pretty nice job with his hair. It looks swept back as it should. The base bothers me. It is sturdy, and does a great job holding him up, but the post doesn’t extend high enough so you can see the head-piece from the front. Awkward. If it went up just a bit higher it would be hidden behind his ears.

The base itself matches the patch on his coat. I really like the character details added to the bases. It gives them personality. The part that goes around his hair is sculpted to fit snugly against his head. This definitely helps with stability.

Ivan’s Kyun Chara figure is so cute. His huge purple eyes kind of make him look like he is about to cry. I guess they can’t both be happy all the time. Like Keith, his eyes are applied perfectly. His hair looks pretty good. There are a couple seem lines along his bangs, but none of them are too obvious. I really like the hand holding the shuriken. I don’t know what he is doing with it, other than maybe showing to us. The way he is holding it clearly isn’t threatening. There is a paint error on his collar that looks like his tank top has purple trim at the neck. Interesting.

They did a much better job on Ivan’s jacket. Maybe that is just because there is more to it, but it doesn’t look quite as drab. The pearly colours shimmer in the light. They also added the two embroidered designs on the front, as well as the woman on the back. His baggy cargo pants also feature buttons on the pockets. I really like the Keith figure, but a little bit of colour goes a long way. His boots are lacking in detail, but they look alright.

Ivan’s base is hidden a bit better than Keith’s. The post his longer, and the head-piece hides well behind his bangs. His is also etched to fit around his hair. I am glad that these bases don’t interfere with the hair sculpt, but it eludes me as to why they chose these bases in the first place. Couldn’t they have thought of something less intrusive?

I couldn’t think of a better image to adorn Ivan’s base than a shuriken.

This set comes in a blister packaging with a backboard. It is very simple, and easy to deal with. The backboard slides off and on, so you can re-use the packaging. The back side has all the copyright info, but no pictures.

Note the difference in sizes. Naoto is considerably taller than the Tiger & Bunny boys, and she is Kyun Chara as well. The two smaller ones are Chibi Kyun Chara, and my special little buddy up front is a Deformeister.


Fun figures for fans of these characters.

They are cute.


These characters have better figures out there.

Overall Enjoyment: 7/10


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