Inia Sestina 1/7 Kotobukiya

Character: Inia Sestina

Series: Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse

Scale: 1/7

Sculptor: Hashimoto Ryou

Manufacturer: Kotobukiya

Release Date: July 2012

My Figure Collection Link:

It seems as is lately I have been ordering more figures that I know little about. A few months ago I received Yui Takamura’s kimono version. I couldn’t resist such a gorgeous figure, and immediately looked into the title. To my disappointment I read that it was gratuitously violent. Unfortunately violence is not my cup of tea, so for the time being I chose to pass on the title. As a collector of beautiful things, however I decided not to pass on the scarlet twins. In due time, hopefully I can get over my apprehension, and appreciate these characters as they were meant to be.

What first drew to Inia was her hair. The promotional shots of this figure were gorgeous, and her hair was simply breathtaking. There are two things that usually stand out the most to me when ogling figures. The first is their hair, the second being their hands. Both of these features can be outstanding if done properly, but a lazy sculptor can easily ruin them. I was sure I would love her.

Inia’s wide-eyed expression shows a hint of embarrassment. She has a slight blush to her cheeks emphasizing this fact. Her purple eyes are beautiful, and look just a tiny bit sad. Her purple locks are painted a pale, shimmering purple, which looks almost pearly white in some places. Her little, power inhibiting hair clips make a very nice dark contrast.  Her bangs frame her face wonderfully, and the long pieces in the front look very nice.

There is a bit of motion caught in hair as well. It doesn’t really look like the wind is blowing it. It seems more like maybe she just dropped down into this position, and her tresses haven’t quite settled yet. The way it curls around her is great. I wish her head was removable so I could get a good shot of the underside of her hair.

The back side of her hair looks smooth, and soft. Maybe the apparent softness is created by the pearly shine. Near the left side of her head there is an annoying seem line that looks like it could have been assembled better.

There is also this outstretched piece that looks really out place. From a distance it looks alright, but the more I sit here and look at her the more it bothers me.

If fantastic hair isn’t your quite your thing, Inia has some other rather impressive assets. She has a slender neckline, a sexy collarbone, not to mention a very voluptuous bosom. I think her nipples may be a tad too high though….or her breasts are pushed up to far. Either way it looks very uncomfortable.

Inia also has a wonderful belly. Her pearly white swimsuit hugs her tiny waist, leaving little to the imagination. The creases in the fabric near her breasts, belly, and hips all look the way they should.

Her stockings are also painted with a shimmery white. They look really nice. I don’t really get the stockings with swimsuit look. I think it looks unnatural like the girl is trying to hard to look sexy. The funny thing is most girls that go for this look don’t need the extra help. Odd. Regardless they do look nice. I am especially fond of the little seem around her toes.

Her other leg is a bit harder to see, as it is tucked up beside her body. I assure though, it looks just as good. Her fingers are great. I was really excited to see that she had not only fabulous hair, but she has superb fingers as well. Each one is clearly separated from its fellows, has knuckles, and fingernails. The curl of her fingers looks relaxed. Very nice detailing on her hands.

Her base is a circular cushion that is just round enough for her to sit on. Very simple. Very appealing.

Kotobukiya made the box for this figure super cute. It is a light purple that matches Inia’s palette. The front, and top have rectangular windows. Both are flanked by the art work the figure is based upon. The rear shows the figure with the artwork.

Both side feature teddy bear shaped windows. Nice!


Her Sculpt is fabulous.

Her colours are very pleasant.

Her box is cute.

She has a beautiful face.


A couple of assembly issues. (visible glue)

Overall Enjoyment: 9/10





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