Uketsukejou Konoha Banpresto

Character: Konoha

Series: Monster Hunter

Manufacturer: Banpresto

Release Date: January 2011

Special Notes: Ichiban Kuji Prize

My Figure Collection Link:

Uketsukejou Konoha is one of the lovely ladies whom you receive your quests from. Her name actually translates out to be Receptionist Konoha. This cute figure was brought to us by Banpresto through the marvelous outlet of Ichiban Kuji. This review is going to serve two purposes. 1) To explore this figure in-depth. 2) To talk a tiny bit about Amiami’s pre-owned figure department. I know that has little to do with a figure review, however there has been a lot of forum talk recently about this issue. I thought now would be an excellent time to discuss my first pre-owned Amiami figure.

When I first located her under Monster Hunter merchandise I was a bit surprised. In all of my searching I had never seen her before, now here she was pre-owned, and ready for a new home. Her box was marked as being condition B (slight wear may be visible), as was she. At a mere 2,500 Yen I wasn’t a hundred percent sure what I would be getting.

My first thought upon seeing her was, “She is very pretty”. Her colours are bright, and well coordinated. Her hat is adorable, and she has such vibrant eyes. She looks so happy to greet you before sending you off to your demise. Her bangs are sculpted well, showing us just a glimpse of forehead beneath. It is kind of nice to see a slight fringe effect here, as opposed to the more typical pointed bangs. Her bobbed hair style is fairly simple, I think it adds to her cute demeanor.

Her gold trimmed, pink hat is permanently affixed to her head. It is a really neat design. The front flap folds over the actual hat piece, and has tiny red tassels adorning the corners. The trim is painted a bit sloppy. You can see where the lines don’t quite match up here, and there.

From the back view we can see the puffy cap, that sits beneath the decorative flap. We can also see the under side of her hair. If there is a single complaint I have about this figure, it is right here. Her hair looks flat, and chunky. A bit of layering would have been nice. I do think the  gold embellishment between her shoulder blades is a cute touch though.

Her outfit is kind of complex. She is wearing a tiny pink vest, with traditional Japanese style shoulders, and almost peasant-like sleeves. Beneath this is a green, and gold tunic. If these choices weren’t odd enough she tops it off with purplish pumpkin shorts, high socks, and slipper shoes. She sure is cute, but I’m not sure about her fashion sense. The trim on the vest, and tunic seem look pretty good, Again there are slight flaws, but the overall effect is not bad. The shorts have very little extra detail. The folds look nice, and natural. Each leg has a small bow to match.

Like her shorts, her sleeves are also puffed out. I think the transition between the pink, and purple looks really cool. I love the jagged line, it kind of makes me think of Shinsengumi jackets. She also has very nice palms. Her fingers are all finely detailed.

She does have white-painted fingernails……these are pretty bad. The under side of her hand didn’t fare as well.

In her left arm she carries a pile of scrolls, probably requests from the villagers. The top couple of scrolls have some really convincing labels on them. The text looks awesome. It is a shame that the rest of the scrolls are blank. They also all appear to say the same thing. I wonder what it says. Maybe they are all addressed to you as the player.

The back of her tunic shares the same designs as the front. Some of them even continue up under the vest. The back of the scrolls are also all painted to match the front accurately, however there is no extra detail back here.

Konoha’s legs are nice, at least what you can see of them. It almost looks as if she is casually runny towards you from this angle. That is kind of funny considering in the full picture near the top it looks like she presenting a game show prize. Her socks match her cream coloured top, and cap. Her little, slippers are painted well. There is one tiny problem here.

Konoha is painfully flat-footed. They forgot to give her feet definitive shape. This bothers me a lot, since I have an unrivalled love for feet!

Her base is a cute circular design, decorated with tiny pink flowers. It is very simple, but also quite pretty. I think it suits her very well.

Lastly the box she came in was in perfect shape. I think it could have easily been ranked A. The front, and sides all have large windows which make viewing her very easy. The back is filled with the copyright information. The whole box is decorated with fall colours, and leaf prints. Very classy!

Overall I must say that as my first Pre-owned Amiami figure she was a pleasant surprise, given their negative feedback. I have two more coming soon from them. Hopefully my experiences will stay pleasant. Thanks again for reading. See you next time!


She is quite pretty.

Her colours are very vibrant!

Her outfit is very detailed.

Her box is attractive as well.


She could have had a bit more detail on her hands, and feet.

The back of her hair should be layered.

Overall Enjoyment: 9/10


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