Ivan Karelin Figuarts ZERO Bandai

Character: Ivan Karelin

Series: Tiger & Bunny

Manufacturer: Bandai

Release Date: August 2012

Special Notes: Tamashii Web Exclusive

My Figure Collection Link: http://myfigurecollection.net/item/103840

It has been almost a year since the announcement of the Figuart ZERO figure of Ivan Karelin. I can’t even express how hard it has been to be patient, and wait. As a matter of fact I didn’t want to wait, so Ivan is the only Tiger & Bunny Figuart that I ordered directly from Japan, instead of waiting for the stateside release. I will admit, however that after the Kotetsu debacle I was a bit worried….

Worries aside I excitedly tore open my package. Kotetsu was no longer an issue, I had my first normally proportioned Ivan figure. The first of many I am sure. He is not without flaws, but he definitely lives up to my expectations. Lets take a closer look.

Out of the two facial expressions that we have to choose from, I think it was a good choice to start him in the box,  with the more serious of the two faces. I will come back to the second expression in a wee bit. I absolutely love his eyes. They chose a wonderful shade of purple. Ivan’s hair is sculpted perfectly, and painted a fair blonde colour, as opposed to a brighter yellow. A bit of darker shading is applied at his roots, and tips.

It is a bit amusing, however that the shading to his roots ends just behind the seem in his hair. I don’t know why they missed the mark there, but I guess you can’t win them all.

The ends of his hair are shaded wonderfully though, and the sculpt back here looks just as good. The seem lines around his shoulders look particularly bad. They even made this more obvious by the really shoddy outlining….

Ivan has a fabulous neckline, and a pretty great shoulder as well. The fun doesn’t stop there though. His tight tank top gives us a pretty good view of the trim torso beneath it. Nice ripples in the shirt. Stupid paint flaw along his right shoulder kind of ruins it.

They did such a great job with Ivan’s pouty lips. From just about every angle his face looks amazing. His Japan jacket is painted in pearly whites, and purples. The stripes on the sleeves are pretty sharp, but the outline is still awful. Each side of the jacket’s front has its embroidered volcano design. These look nice. The zipper is huge, but I guess that matches the rest of his baggy outfit. The orange lining actually looks padded. I would bet this is a really warm coat. The purple around the bottom is kind of sloppy.

The stripes around the bottom of the jacket are fairly even as are the ones around his sleeve cuffs. Both hands are sculpted with a decent amount of detail, I especially like the fingers on the right one. It looks as if he is honestly caught up in the motion of donning the coat.

With the exception of the really terrible outlining, the embroidered design on the back of his jacket looks decent. I have always liked this the image.

Ivan is wearing his baggy cargo pants. I think the sculpt here looks great too. There are a lot of wrinkles near his ankles where his pants tuck into his boots. The colour is perfect, the outline is bad. I do like the giant pockets.

The back of his pants are particularly crinkled over his calves, especially behind his bent knee. The fabric really appears to lay naturally around his body.

Ivan’s boots look like typical work boots. The tops of them are worn folded down. In my book this is a bit of a fashion disaster. Army green cargo pants tucked into folded down work boots….classy. Personal preferences aside, his boots look good. Not great, but good. The inside of the tongue has a tiny dark brown tag, and each shoestring is painted well. There are even lace holes painted onto the folded down tops. The soles have a bit of tread etched into them as well.

The back of his left boot is painted pretty bad.

The Figuarts bases are a lot of fun for both ZERO, and S.H. figures. Each one has removable pegs, and plugs for various positioning.

By removing the plug near the back of the base, you can insert Origami Cyclone’s base post, and pose them together. This is a fantastic concept! Ivan can even hold Origami Cyclone’s shuriken. Nice!

Now back to this before I forget. Ivan’s alternate face is grinning. I think it looks awkward, and completely unnatural. His eyes look good, but his mouth looks strange. Really strange.

Another cool thing about the figuart series is the nondescript cardboard box that each figure comes in. This seems pretty useless, but it makes the inside box last longer!

Speaking of the inside box, this one has pictures of the figure all the way around it. It shows various angles, and both facial options. The only thing it is lacking is a window to view the actual figure.

Needless to say, this figure is not perfect, but I think I can accept him with his imperfections.


The sculpt of this figure is amazing!

The use of subtle shading is quite effective.

He has one really great face.

Base options are fun to explore!


Horrible use of outlining.

Questionable paint job on smaller details.

He has one really odd looking face.

Overall Enjoyment: 8/10


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