Sky High S.H. Figuarts

Keith Goodman is easily my favorite character in the franchise Tiger and Bunny, so with the continued delays on my actual Keith figuart arriving safely at my door, I decided now is the perfect time to review his superhero alter ego: Sky High!

So this is my very first figuart action figure. After my dearest siblings Origami Cyclone review I must say I’m quite excited about this. Sky high is your typical masked superhero (how he sees anything in that helmet is beyond me), he fights crime for the show Hero TV, and is known as the King of Heroes! As is befitting of any ‘king’ Sky High is decked out in gold, silver, and of course the color of royalty purple. The paint job on his mask looks good, very nicely detailed and no unnecessary splotches of gold where there shouldn’t be any. His neck is articulated so his head turns. By the way am I the only person who thinks his head looks way to small to be in proportion to the rest of the figure?

The broadcasting group USTREAM have their name printed across his chest plate, signifying their sponsorship. I like the fact that the white that he’s wearing isn’t a crisp white, but an off colored version instead. I think with the dark purple a pure white would have stood out way too much. On the note of standing out, I know it’s a part of his character design, but I think the bronze belt buckle looks atrocious coming off of the silver and gold.

Then directly under that we go back to silver again. Man that’s tacky. From the belt we see Sky High’s long white skirt, which would have been really awesome if it had been made of a more pliable plastic, but this is hard with no give at all. It does have hinges at his hips so you can move them up or down, but it takes a lot of posing options away from The King of Heroes.

There is a horrible splotch of gold paint in his silver trim on the left side, which is a serious downer. For some reason that always has and always will escape me his feet are jointed. I suppose in this case they decided to give you joints here since the skirt makes it utterly pointless to move his knees.

The blue gems on the side of his helmet and his shoulder pads look pretty cool, they even did a gloss finish on them to add a little bit of shine to it. Also I love the tassels on the shoulders, it looks so ‘marching band’.

I do wish they had painted the entirety of the skirt clasp white. Also I could be mistaken but I believe underneath the hinge holding his skirt on you can see the line of a pocket. Really? His skirt has pockets?

The joints for his ankles and toes look rather ridiculous, but they do their job well enough. His feet also strangely enough aren’t plastic but metal, this is supposed to help in keeping the figure well-balanced. I can’t get him to stand without the base to save my life however.

The back of his head, where as it’s not as detailed as the front, looks good, there aren’t any paint mishaps or character design flaws to be seen.

The jet pack looks great! It actually kind of looks like a mini space ship…..The colors are perfect. And so is the paint job itself. The pack itself rests on two small joints that make it so you can move it just slightly.

The very bottoms knobs on the jet pack are removable so you can insert the flames that show he’s flying! The flames have a frosted finish which makes them look quite nice!

There’s gold trim running down the back of the skirt, unlike on the front the gold trim stays in the lines its supposed too. I wish I could just turn the pieces around so this was the front, but the character design kind of spoils it.

Each gauntlet has the Tamashii Nations logo emblazoned on it. The decals here look great, the went on very smooth and the end result looks perfect!

For added movement in his shoulders, they gave his shoulder pads their own joints! With this feature they don’t get in the way of posing him at all! Since his legs barely move this is a good thing. Something has to move on this guy.

In case you want to pose him doing well…virtually anything the skirt pieces are removable. This however also throws the character design out the window. Still even though its hidden by the hard plastic skirt, they did the detailing on his legs, I have to give some kudos for that.

The detailing on Sky High’s boots is great as well, the sculptor did a marvelous job on the indentations up at his calf. Yet again the paint job is stupendous!

This base however hates me, the reason is his jet pack, thanks to some serious design miscalculations it’s supposed to hook around his waist at the bottom of the jetpack. This would be fine if it didn’t have long protrusions at the bottom, let alone heaven forbid you actually have the flames in the back of it….. His base is purple, which is unsurprising since that is his character color and it displays both his Superhero Alias and his secret identity. 

He comes in a fairly standard although surprisingly tiny box. It features a picture of Sky High that wraps around to one side of the box. And a grinning picture of Keith down near the bottom.

And the back of the box shows Sky High in his standard poses. It also has heroics spelled wrong which kind of made me giggle….

So how does he measure up as far as posing goes? Pretty good all things considered. You can easily achieve maximum Sky High capability even without the use of his legs!

regrettably I’m not joking this IS a pose on the back of the box… Just like that. Ah well….

Next is making your Sky high fly!I found this was actually the hardest pose to manage, he just keeps falling over, the base doesn’t support the full weight of this pose at all. That’s sad.

The base does hold him a little bit better though if you put his arms out in a typical flying fashion. I guess it cuts down on wind resistance….

“Thank you and again thank you” Sky High raises his arms high for his standard catch phrase that really makes no sense whatsoever. That natural airheadedness is part of what we all love about him though.

This is in fact the only pose on the box that involves moving his legs at all. Of course it’s his wind attack, about to be thrown full force at someone. I’m actually pretty fond of this pose. ❤

Then there’s the option of switching out Sky High’s helmet for a broken horn. It got broken by Jake in episode 12. Not sure why they included this since they haven’t made a Jake for him to fight. Regardless though there you have it. The face plate changes out really easy, you just slide it off and put the new one in just like that!

Then there’s this. Probably the most useless accessory ever! If the broken horn wasn’t strange enough, they give you the broken off piece. The only thing I could even think of to do with it is the above picture, however every time I look at that I feel a little bit bad. Like I kicked a puppy or something.

He comes with multiple little purple hands, fists, karate chop hands, and drama fingers. They come off easily enough, but they aren’t loose enough so as to just fall off either.

“Please stop photobombing my pictures…”

Of course every superhero has to have their merch….want a plushie?

It’s ok even I don’t know what exactly I’m doing anymore….

Regrettably it looks like the chibi’s head is too big for proper proportioning….

Yet the action figure head on the chibi looks almost perfect….how creepy.

And once more just in case you forgot who this review was for 🙂

Overall it’s a great representation of Sky High, it’s extremely accurate to his design and can do all his standard poses. In the long run my only major gripe is that he doesn’t have a thumbs up hand….


About Tekizen

I am a thirty three year old fujoshi. I adore Aniplex and Capcom both to a near criminal degree. I love cosplaying. Some of my favorites to date are Miles Edgeworth and Chrollo Lucifer. I am also currently working on Varuna. My absolute favorite genre is mystery. I LOVE a good mystery. I have a varying degree of fandoms. I love a lot of different anime, but I can honestly say I love old school american cartoons just the same. My favorite book is The Bacta War in the Star Wars X Wing novel series. I finally beat the Demi-Fiend! He was freaking hard!. I think that's all for now though.
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