Otomo Airou Megahouse

Character: Airou

Series: Monster Hunter

Manufacturer: Megahouse

Release Date: November 2011

I find it kind of funny that when I first got this guy I had just assumed he was a barbarian that had just successfully raided some poor adventurer. It looked to me like he might be flaunting a stolen weapon. I was half right, well sort of….

It seems that in reality this fellow is not a barbarian, but a companion along for your journey. He is however, excited over a successful quest. Whenever you complete a quest your felyne buddy will happily bounce from foot to foot, waving his weapon in the air. For that matter they seem to dance around whenever they get excited.

Every now and then I play a game where the character names are randomly generated. In Monster Hunter this is the case with your felyne companions. Since this guy looks like my little buddy Raphael, thus shall I call him.

Raphael is a yellow Tiger type felyne, which makes him look an awful lot like an orange Tabby cat. He has huge almond-shaped eyes. His pupil appears to be two different colours. The center is black, then there is a curious gray layer before reaching the bright green iris. Right near the bridge of his nose there are even tiny pink tear ducts. His fur has tiny lines etched into it to give the appearance of fur. Every little detail of his face looks purrfect, right down to his little pink nose.

The armour that he is wearing is made from the hide of an aoshira, a giant, blue, bear like beast. The hood is pulled tightly around his head so from a distance this may make him look more intimidating, especially with those giant red eyes. Up close though, there is no mistaking it, he is still a cute little companion. The aoshira’s fur is also textured, but his fur looks much more corse. The scales on his head make for good protection, and great decoration. They match perfectly, the larger scales used for his breastplate.

The bottom of the hood is tied with  a red ribbon. There is a pretty nasty seemline under his chi, but the bow covers it well. The scales have a slightly rough texture, complete with little nick and grooves. Like his aoshira hood, Raphael’s breastplate also has large claws, or teeth embellishments. The straps going over his shoulder are actually connected to a piece flesh coloured leather. It is a bit hard to see, but if you look under the strap on his right shoulder it is visible.

Around his waist, he wears a belt with tiny compartments. Knowing my felyne companions, they are probably full of gunpowder. I suppose they could also be storing the worms, stones, and fireflies that are often given to me after a quest. It would appear that the aoshira pelt that Raphael wears is also connected to this belt, as it has no other ties, or buckles. It does amuse me a bit however, that his tail is wrapped up, and secured in the furry blue hide.

His legs are kind of interesting. Since he is hopping into the air we get to view his tiny feet, and the little fleshy pads on the bottom. They also did a wonderful job on the shape of his legs, and ankles. There are some dark tiger stripes along his thighs. There is also a dark staining effect used on his toes. They almost look dirty. I wonder if that was on purpose, or did they just intend on that being shading. It turned out neat either way.

His front paws look a bit more like hands, complete with posable thumbs. I guess he can’t hit me with bombs if he is missing his thumbs. There are some more really nice looking stripes on his arms. Along the back here you can get a better feel for the coarseness of the aoshira fur. It looks awfully rough. I bet he stays warm in there though. The crescent-moon design looks really neat. The blue beast actually has these markings.


The back of the skirt piece does not have the same markings. How curious. You can see another piece of that tanned leather just above the right side of his belt. Since both of his feet are off the ground, Raphael is held up by a post that slides up under his furry cape. he is surprisingly sturdy!

Here you can see the wedge that holds him up a bit better. The base is a fitting design of dirt, and grass. The curved crack near the front is deliberate. That piece can be removed to connect him to the red armoured felyne that came out at the same time. They look pretty neat together. Eventually, with any luck I will find him too. Heh. I almost forgot that hulking club. I apologize, I have no idea what that weapon is made of. I am sure it packs a wallop regardless.

This thing is as tall as the felyne is himself. The bludgeoning end looks like it is also made of scales. The texture is very similar to his breast-plate. The darker shading makes it look natural, and I really love the deep grooves. The entirety of the handle looks like it is wrapped in grip tape. There are two small pegs on the handle, one for each hand.

The other end has a large metal ring, which is wrapped in red ribbon. This little guy looks amazing. He has so many intricate details to his sculpt.

Inside his box is a cardboard background of Pokke Village. It looks really neat behind him in the box, or you can pull it out for photos.

His box itself  has  very large window on the front. This makes the artwork look that much more stunning. The left side is also almost all window.

The back side shows this figure from a front, and rear view, where as the right side shows both felyne figures.


He is mega cute.

The varying textures are really interesting.

You can name him after your own felyne companion! 😀


He is a bit pricy now….

Overall Enjoyment: 9/10




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