Airou Hunter Life Collection

Character: Airou

Series: Monster Hunter

Manufacturer: Capcom

Release Date: June 2012

Ever since that little Poogie puzzle, I have been fairly interested in Monster Hunter goodies. Yes. I know, I am late to the party again. Really late. I have never even played Monster Hunter. Once this Airou caught my eye, I knew that was going to change. I could no longer ignore the interesting creatures this franchise had to offer.

This little felyne farmer caught my eye when he popped up in related items to Poogie. I wasn’t exactly sure what he was. Maybe a little pencil holder? Or a votive holder? It was cute, and I wanted him. I would find his purpose later.

Upon opening my monthly order, I was stupefied by how big he actually was! A votive holder, he is not. A 20 oz. bottle holder? Sure. He also is quite heavy. In my total awe over how cute he was, I didn’t even read his dimensions. I even missed the fact that the little guy is made of resin.

Airou is a super cute member of the Felyne race from Monster Hunter. These little guys are bipedal companions to the village humans. Their markings are similar to those of a Siamese cat, with the addition of a handful of stripes, and a couple of tiny paw prints. Most notable of these is the larger one that appears on their belly.

Capcom did a great job with this rendition. His face is adorable. Is blue eyes are quite vibrant, and they stand out very well. He looks very peaceful. It makes me feel like he spent a long day working hard, and now he is relaxing, but something seems to have caught his eye. Airou doesn’t appear threatened. Maybe it is just Poogie.

Sitting beside him are his hat & hoe. You can see quite a bit of shading here. The wooden handle looks great. You can see silver along the tips of the hoe. This definitely makes it look like it gets a lot of use. Airou’s hat is also cleverly shaded. The little ear holes are a cute touch.

A little bit further back we find herbs of some sort, as well as honey, and a honeycomb. There is also a Felyne sign, just in case you are lost. Everything is really nicely painted here as well. The fence posts look great, especially the swirly tops. There are red plants growing from the sides of the well. I don’t know if it is supposed to be a well, but I think that feels right. The honey puts me in the mind of Winnie the Pooh. His accessories all look great.

Around the back is a little boring, but that’s ok. Too much all around gets distracting. There are some more really nice looking plants, and some weeds along the bottom. The grass looks great all around. On the back right side is Capcom’s copyright stamp.

This little guy is 3 1/2 inches tall, 5 1/2 inches wide, and 6 1/2 inches front to back. The well is 3 inches deep. His box shows him as a plant pot, remote control, pencil, or glasses holder. You can pretty much do whatever you want. Me? I am going to use him as a pillar candle holder. I really think if you are a Monster Hunter fan, this is a great piece to have around the house!


High quality figure.

Can be used around the house.

Absolutely adorable.



Ummm…. He’s heavy. So shipping might be pricey. Ok I am reaching. He’s pretty great!

Overall Enjoyment: 10/10


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