Persona 4 One Coin, Kotobukiya

I sincerely hope for the sake of anyone who wants to read this extremely serious, very well thought out review, that they are very good at translating otaku squeals of joy……

Narukami Yu, the dry lead character of Persona 4 is extremely cute. His grey eyes are huge and really make him look like a bug… In his outstreched hand he holds a single card. It’s just straight blue, no attempt at a design. And back behind him he holds his standard katana, apparently he learned better then to wave it arond in the mall food court. His paint looks great and the blush on his cheeks is a very cute touch.

His hair lacks definition in the back, well at leat until you get down to the nape of his neck anyway. It’s not just a giant grey blob there. The stitches on the back of his jacket look superb. Also the katana blade is two different shades of silver which gives off the appearance of being sharp.

Yosuke Hanamura is the first to join your party, so we’ll talk about him next. He’s an energetic goofball which is very well defined on this figure of him. A cocky smirk is spread across his face. Strangely enough his headphones don’t actually cover his ears, but it’s cute so it’s ok… The buttons on his jacket are a nice incan gold, they look nice, especially the unbuttoned top one.

Like Yu the back of Yosuke’s jacket looks stellar. The kunai clutched tightly in his tiny little fists looks great too. They are painted with a darker shade of silver so they look more like iron. It’s a great touch of detail. On a side note because the figures are held in place by a magnet Yosuke is very hard to balance. Being on one foot is a serious detrement!

Satonaka Chie is your obligatory tomboy, and also your third party member. This figure screams of mischief to me. She’s standing hands on her hips, feet spread apart, with that look on her face, yeah you know the look. Wide eyes, arched eyebrows, and a cat style mouth…yeah THAT look. The paint on her shirt is really good, no smudges. They still painted the zipper silver and she even has a zipper pull…nice.

Chie regrettably doesn’t have even an ounce of the detail on her back that the boys do, but then it’s not in her character design to. You can from the back view though see her teeny tiny sculpted little fingers.

The detail on Yukiko Amagi is just as good as on any of the others, but her face looks really off. I think it might be because her eyes look to grown up and not very chibi. The detail on her sweater is great. I also like the positioning of her legs, she looks like she’s walking forward. She’s holding her weapon at the ready beside her, a simple folding fan? Not in the hands of Yukiko.

Her hair is very nice, the seperated strands look like they are flowing around her. Given her appearance of stepping forward this is a nice bit of attention to detail.

Kanji Tatsumi is sinfully cute, he makes me think of a puppy…like a pug or something. Anyway, he does’t look particularly happy, he’s cracking his knuckles which means something is probably about to get hit in the head.

They actually gave this little guy all three piercings in his ear AND his nose piercing. Wow!

Kanji’s slicked back hair looks great from the back, it’s got some very nice layers to it and looks appropriatley spikey. His blown back jacket has the same great detail as Yu and Yosuke!

Rise Kujikawa is a cute little pop star, and I have no idea what this figure of her is doing. She’s cute though, really cute. Her eyes are wide and vibrant and a glorious smile is spread out across her face.Her school uniform looks amazing!

Her pigtails are great, they have a lot of detail to them showing various strands so they don’t look like blobs, or worse tentacles.

Detective Prince Naoto Shirogane is still an adorable little midget, if you look down at the dear detective’s feet you’ll see where the pant legs are rolled up to make them fit better. Naoto’s expression is of course dead serious. The paint job on the uniform and hat look great of course.

Like the other figures garbed in their school uniforms Naoto’s is done impeccably well.

And rounding out the cast is Tohru Adachi looking smug beyond all reason. He has the least detail out of the cast, however there is a questionable green substance peeking out of his grocery bag…weird.

There’s honestly next to nothing to say about his backside…..

As an added bonus they included in Yosuke’s box a tiny little Teddie. He’s not even an inch tall.

Despite his small stature though the paint job is really good and so is the sculpt.

Then there are the secret figures, such as Yu Narukami in drag. He makes a great Yankee don’t you think? I love the addition of the long skirt to the girl’s school uniform. This figure has one fatal sculpting flaw though. The boken is too long, so his feet don’t quite touch the ground. With the magnetized base this makes it very difficult to stand him upright.

The braids, pleated skirt, and uniform jacket all look great from the back too!

Then there’s this little guy. Crossdressing Yosuke, I think this is the most uncomfortable I’ve ever seen a crossdressing toy. From the truly mortified look on his face, to the uncomfortable positioning of his arms, even his legs scream of his discomfort of the situation.

The layering on his hair is great. I also adore the little pleats on his mini skirt. Oh and don’t worry too much he is wearing shorts under it….

All eleven figures come in a box very much akin to the one pictured above. There are no duplicates.

The bottom of the box showcases the arcana that each respective party member represents.

All in all they are a great set of figures for both fans of Persona and collectors of cute things alike.

And for no reason other then that I strongly support the pairing…


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