Kotetsu T. Kaburagi Ichiban Kuji

Character: Kotetsu T. Kaburagi

Series: Tiger & Bunny

Manufacturer: Banpresto

Release Date: July 2012

So I am not exactly sure why I keep buying Kotetsu figures. The second one in my possession isn’t much better than the first, but that just gives me all the more reason to explore him further.

This Kotetsu, like all of his other figures is standing with his hand on his hip. If I hadn’t watched Tiger & Bunny I would have assumed this character was extremely boring based on his toys. We do get varying interesting positions for his other hand however, such as fixing his tie, or adjusting his hat. In this case we get a friendly wave.

By friendly I do mean extremely stiff looking wave. Kotetsu seems to have a giant, out of proportion play-doh looking hand. His hand is as long as his head. What is up with that? At his wrist we see his call bracelet. The green and white are painted cleanly. This seam down the outer edge of his arm ruins it a bit.

After looking at the crisp green lines on his bracelet it is hard to believe that his hat could be so bad. The black center of his hat is all over the place. The indented guidelines might as well not even be there. His eyes are uneven. The right one looks really good. The left one is rolling back into his head. Kotetsu has a lazy eye. The crows feet around his eyes are rather sloppy as well. Banpresto, shame on you.

His hair is spiky, and layered. There are several little indentions showing strands within the spiked pieces. One of his better aspects really.

His other hand is unnaturally large has well. This side though has very nice accessories. Both his beaded bracelet, and watch look really nice. There is a bit of smudging near the beaded one. It seems that Kotetsu’s jewelry always looks pretty good.

Now for the really confusing bit. His shirt, vest, and tie all look exceptionally well.No smudges. No smears. No out of place shading. All of his buttons look good. Why does his torso look great, but his head look awful? There is even a tiny bit of green shirt just above his belt. Nice touch.

His belt itself is painted well, at least what we can see of it. The buckle looks nice. The front of his slacks have plenty of wrinkles, This is about the only place that his pants look realistic. There are no folds around the front of his knees, regardless of the fact that you can clearly see the joints there. The pant legs also flare out slightly at the ankles. I am pretty sure that it is in his character design, but his pants are so short.

Kotetsu. Don’t bend over. Don’t bend over. Please, please do not bend over. Not only are his pants to short, but they are also way to tight. I understand tight pants are supposed to be sexy, but Kotetsu is way to old for skinny jeans. Tight fitting slacks is one thing. Both of the other Kotetsu figures we have are wearing slim fitting pants, but these are ridiculous. If he bends over that inseam is gone! Then there are his knees. This garment fits very snugly around the midsection of his legs. Then clings to his flesh around his calves. How did he get those He-Man calves through those tiny pant legs!? Arrgh! I absolutely can’t stand his pants! He does have a very nice back though. I really like the buckle!

Kotetsu’s shoes are sculpted nicely. The soles are curved, and get a bit thicker at the heels. His shoe laces are raised from the top, and tie in nice bows at the tongue. The green is really nasty though. The paint is all over the place.

His base is shaped like the Tiger & Bunny logo. It is kind of funny, I think it resembles a chocolate bar. He has four foot pegs that hold him tightly in place.

Kotetsu’s box is devoid of artwork. Each side, other than the back has a window to view him. You can see the side of his plastic shell. That is kind of goofy.


He is a great accessory to Barnaby.

His base looks like a tasty chocolate bar.

He was very cheap.


Ridiculously tight pants.

Strange proportions.

Iffy paint job.

Overall Enjoyment: 6/10



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3 Responses to Kotetsu T. Kaburagi Ichiban Kuji

  1. cb27ded says:

    Wow. His face is bad and his hands are huge. I think the best part is his base looking like a chocolate bar.

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