Kurapika Banpresto

Character: Kurapika

Series Hunter x Hunter

Manufacturer: Sega

Release Date: July 2012

I can’t even put into words how long I have been waiting for a decent sized figure of Kurapika. It has been years, and I dare say I was pretty excited over the announcement of this set. All four boys as prize figures….even Leorio!? This was clearly a dream come true. 

Sega’s Kurapika figure is standing in a very simple reserved pose. He is wearing his first outfit, which if I remember correctly is Kurta Clan attire.

Kurapika is quite cute, just don’t tell him I said that. His eyes look really nice, but honestly I am a fan of blue eyed Kurapika. In some images they do appear to be grey, but more often are depicted as a vibrant blue colour. I guess this is irrelevant since neither shade is quite true. His face looks cheerful. Though a dull colour, his eyes look happy. Also his tiny pink mouth is turned up into a smile.

The shape of his blonde hair is almost perfect. I really love the way his bangs look, as well as how his hair puffs out a bit. His hair has tiny paint chunks where too much colour was applied. Unfortunately there are a lot of these. If not for these little flaws, his head would be great.

There is a fairly visible seam line behind his ears. It goes with the directional flow of his hair though, so it isn’t too awful.

I really wish they would have spent just a tiny bit of time smoothing the paint. This is really the only sizeable flaw on him.

The Kurta tabard that he wears is a very bright blue with a contrasting orange trim. The design on the front is painted very well. However the paint around the edges is sloppy. If you look above his bow, the vertical stripe doesn’t reach his collar. Oops. This fits him loosely, so it appears to blow gently around him.

Near the top left of the inner design, there is a spot that looks a bit off. Also the bottom right corner is pretty darn messy.

Along his right side you can see the simple white outfit he wears under the tunic. His shoulder seam is really obvious. It looks pretty bad, but at least it can’t be seen from the front. His sweatshirt creases around his waist on both the front and back. There are also nice folds in his pant legs, around his knees and ankles. The tabard is made of a flexible plastic, so you can lift it up to see more of him. I refrained from taking pictures of this however, because I didn’t want to bend him too much.

On his left side we can see the folds of his sleeve where his hand is resting. This hand though. Oh boy. I have seen worse, but his fingers are flat, super stubby, and angled weird. They don’t look natural at all. The tips of his fingers are darker than the rest of his skin as well. It looks like he has been eating Flaming Hot Cheetos.

I love his profile. It makes me think of Zidane from Final Fantasy 9! Anyway, this hand looks a bit better. His fingers are still flat, and still bent at a 90 degree angle. At least they aren’t super short this time around. Apparently he only eats cheetos with the other hand too.

Kurapika wears very basic shoes. They are a light blue, flat soled slipper. Very simple, no extra detailing needed here. The paint is kept in the lines.

The bases for this set are all going to match. Each one is a transparent, coppery-orange colour. The title of the series is etched into the under side of the base. You can easily read it through the top.

Kurapika’s box is windowless, and covered in pictures of him. The back of the packaging shows how all four figures will look together. It is kind of neat how they highlighted Gon, and him for the first set. Inside he is just wrapped in cellophane, so unless you are a box saver, than there is little re-use value for the box.


Kurapika is awesome!

Great sculpt sans the fingers.

Cool base.


Paint is thick in some places, and uneven in others.

Weird looking hands.

Overall Enjoyment: 8/10


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