Rei And Asuka Mermaids Sega


Characters: Rei Ayanami and Asuka Langley Soryu

Series: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Manufacturer: Sega

Release Date: July 2007

A few years back Sega released this lovely set of Evangelion mermaid figures. Mermaids are beautiful, Rei and Asuka have sex appeal, I had to have them! I will admit I didn’t get my grubby mits on them until around 2009. Heh. I was a bit late again. I know you are asking yourself why I would be reviewing them now, well that’s simple. It’s because old toys are cool too!

Rei Ayanami’s mermaid version is very reserved. Her pose is peaceful, yet sexy. Everything about this figure looks very serene.

Rei sits atop a rock, taking a break from her ocarina. I get the impression that she is under water. Her hair blows out around her, and her tiny white top billows out behind her.

The white sash pieces hanging from her belt are also caught up in the current. Take a look at her back, she has quite a nice pair of shoulder blades. I suppose it could be argued that she is above water, but her little green friend is hovering over her base, connected by only one fin. I would guess he is swimming along, as it is pretty unlikely that he is flying. The seashells in her hair are a nice touch, but could have been painted better.

Rei’s face looks a tiny bit sorrowful, like maybe she is reminiscing some past memory. She is wearing a cute little choker. It is painted very well. Her shoulders are very nice her collar bones are defined, as well as the sides of her breasts. There is a really annoying seam line between them. There is even a little hole there. I don’t know what made them think this was a good idea.

Rei has really chunky fingers. I am not sure exactly what happened here, but her fingers are not smooth at all. The ocarina is a separate piece that is fixed to her hand. The holes in it are flesh coloured. They probably should have darkened them a bit.

This hand fared better than the other. Her fingers are still a bit chunky, but far smoother. Her bracelet is painted nicely. I really like the little tassles. Note the funky seam line on the rock, just under her hand. Her tail is varying shades of blue accenting the way the light hits it perfectly. It is pretty neat how her backside is flesh coloured, but slowly fades to blue. Maybe I am weird, but I think that’s kind of sexy. Well for a mermaid butt….what do you mean mermaids don’t have butts? It’s right there!!

Ack! Another weird seam behind Leonardo’s head. I just decided to name her half-shelled comrade, Leonardo. He is really cute, and painted quite precisely. His little beady eyes are great! There is a really simple little starfish hanging out down here too!

More awful seam lines on her tail, and base. Here you can see where Leo is attached. He is definitely swimming.

Here’s another shot of Leo. Isn’t his little tail cute? The colours they chose for this figure are amazing. She is very pretty, but why is she glossy? The whole figure is glossy. She doesn’t look wet, more like greased…

So next up is Asuka. Greased Asuka. Shall we deep fry her?

Moving on. Asuka is the polar opposite of Rei in all things. Especially in personality, and colour. Her figure looks more lively, and excited than her counterpart, as it should be. Her palette is also a stark contrast to Rei’s mellow blues. Both girls have very nice torsos. The detail to their collar bones, and bellies are very nice. She has a cute belly button.

Like Rei, Asuka’s hair is flowing in the current . Her little white sashes are billowed out as well. Asuka is leaning forward, and smiling. It looks almost as if someone has her quite engaged.

Her backside is a bit less sexy. There is an unsightly flaw on the back of her belt…..why are mermaids wearing belts? To keep their tails on? Asuka has the same fade in colour effect on her tail, however the reddish pink butt makes it look as if she just got a mega spanking. Her tail is elegantly highlighted with various shades of red, and orange. Very nice.

Her face looks pleasant. Her eyes are really pretty. Asuka has fins on the sides of her head, as opposed to seashells. These look a little bit strange. They are painted well, but kind of seem out of place. I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but Asuka does appear to be wearing Nadia’s Blue Water pendant. Nice touch giving a nod to Gainax’s sister title.

Asuka’s little friend is Nemo. Yeah I know. Shut up. Nemo is a little clown fish that got lost in Asuka’s little anemone patch. He is really cute. The anemone looks awful. Did I say awful? I meant really awful! definitely under water.

Her jewelry is a nice gold that looks really nice with her red colour scheme. The hand in her hair looks alright. It is absolutely better than Rei’s hands. The hair under her hand is pretty bad however. It looks flat, kind of like she is covering up a bad hair cut, rather than brushing her locks back.

This rock base shares the exact same flaws as Rei’s base. The darker shade makes it a bit easier to hide the ghastly seam lines though.

Asuka’s left hand is probably the best of the four in this review. Her fingers are all spaced evenly, and molded smoothly. No chunky digits here. I think she may be unnecessarily busty, but it looks alright. She has a weird seam under her breasts as well, but it isn’t quite so obvious. It also doesn’t have the weirdo gap there.


Nice concept.

Mermaids are awesome!

Great colour, and pose choices.

Even though these girls have never been mermaids, the figures keep their character in mind.

Sexy piece of mermaid tail 😉


Bad. Bad seam lines.

Really bad seam lines.

Strange looking anemone?

Asuka’s sunburnt butt.

Awful fingers.

Overall Enjoyment: 7/10


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