Charlotte Dunois 1/8 Alter

Character: Charlotte Dunois

Series: IS: Infinite Stratos

Sculptor: Tanaka Touji

Manufacturer: Alter

Release Date: April 2012

Charlotte Dunois was easily my favourite character from IS, even though I saw right through her, so when Alter announced this figure I was totally stoked. It was refreshing to see such a nice figure of a girl wearing a sweat suit. I mean seriously, this never happens.

 Charlotte appears to be in a very relaxed environment. Her manner of dress implies being at home, or in her dorm room. It is hard to picture this figure anywhere else.

The face that she comes equipped with seems excited, and her hands crossed in front of her puts me in the mindset of having a really good conversation, surrounded by friends.

Her second face looks offended, as if someone just ruined the moment she was having. I don’t think this face matches her pose well, especially her hands.

Both faces are painted well, and look really nice qualitywise, however I am not at all fond of the angry face. The first one looks absolutely adorable from a side angle.

Her hair also comes with two variations. The one that is equipped from the start is her ponytale. This one looks quite nice. The hair just above the ribbon  gives the impression that her ponytale is tied fairly loose.

The seemline where the hair comes apart for the switch is pretty bad. It might’ve looked better, had it been even. For some reason they shaped it weird, and this almost makes it stand out more!

The second hair choice is without the ribbon. We get Charlotte with her hair down. This looks really good with the overall casual appearance.

From the back this style has little to offer, but hey, who’s looking at her back. That is unless you display her on a mirrored shelf. Wait! I do! This hair piece really does look nice from the front, and ok from the back, but I will stick to the previous piece.

Casual is good, but most girls know that when other people are going to see you, a bra is a good thing. I can tell what they were going for here, but her boobs are saggy. I mean really unattractively saggy. This overall is probably my biggest disappointment with this figure. It just looks so bad. Why did they do this!?

Her sweat shirt is painted very well. Her stripes miss their mark a tiny bit, here and there, but unless you are taking giant pictures for a review, it is hardly noticeable. The dark blue, and the white don’t cross their respective lines at all. They look amazing. The colours on this figure make me think of Michigan. Nice! Her pants also look very good. the paint is, again almost perfect.

The folds in her clothes are amazing. The fabric clings to her body in a way that looks natural. The creases around her shoulders, stomach, waist, and knees all look like they are moving with the position of her body.

Her hands are cute, but it looks a little awkward, almost like she glued her fingers together. There is no space between her fore fingers at all. This makes them look like they are stuck together. Her thumbs also look stuck together. What? They are you say! They did do a nice job hollowing out her hands. From this angle you can get a peek at her pendant as well. Normally it is hard to see, but they did a decent job ob it regardless.

Charlotte has some great feet! Here you can see her left foot doesn’t lay flat. Her toes slightly curl upward. She also has toe knuckles. Like bones in her toes! Her feet are virtually perfect! She has dainty pink toenails too. Not like they are painted, but a subtle, natural pink.

We are going to view her right foot from the back. The curve of her soles look really nice, but the bottom of her toes look a bit chubby. Charlotte has chubby toes, but only on the bottom?

Charlotte’s cushion looks like bean bag chair. That is awesome! This thing is quite cute, and the pink stands out really well against her darker colours. The seemline around its center looks like it was actually sewn here. There are a series of tiny creases right at the seem. She sits in it comfortably.

Her box is a bit different instead of a standard front panel window, she has a wrap around window. This covers most of the front, and part of one side. Next to the window is a small image of the figure. The other side shows her from a couple of different angles, which is normally a feature of the back side. The rear side has a simple white background with one image of the figure. Clearly this box is confused, but I like its originality.



Her clothes are amazing!

Her faces are cute.

She comes with display options.

Her box isn’t so typical.


What is wrong with her boobs!?

Second expression doesn’t really fit with overall presentation.

Overall Enjoyment: 7/10






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1 Response to Charlotte Dunois 1/8 Alter

  1. colonelfancy says:

    This really is a cute figure, but she is a cute girl. Minor caveat; enough with the alternate faces. They’re becoming passe


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