Shiki ES Kotobukiya 1/8

Character: Shiki

Series: Togainu No Chi

Sculptor: Saki Asada

Scale: 1/8

Manufacturer: Kotobukiya

Release Date: April 2012

Shiki is the wicked counterpart to the naive, abused Akira, and boy do they look good together. Five years ago, Kotobukiya rolled out their fairly quite ES line of male figures. This line included a handful of Togainu, Lamento, and Harukanaru statues. They were all very nice. Along with these sets were a couple of individual statues, and a ton of one coin chibis. Now as their 5 year anniversary rolls around, they up the scale a bit. Literally. The previous boys were 1/10 scale, now they are working on 1/8. It took a little while, but I finally got the counter piece to my Akira, and Damaged Akira figures.

With his base Shiki stands almost exactly 9 inches tall. He holds his sheath in his left hand, while holding his sword in his right. The sword and sheath are removable. The sword can even be sheathed, but he looks retarded without these pieces. His pose looks threatening until you actually look at it. In reality it kind of looks like he is examining his blade. Is it straight? Is there a nick? What the heck does he see?

He looks quite nice from the side. It feels a bit more like he is looking at you as opposed to the sword. I wouldn’t want to meet this guy in a dark alley. No I really mean that. Shiki is what we refer to in the real world as a predator. We have lists for those.

The low angle view is pretty cool too. I honestly think he looks the most threatening from down here.

It is pretty amazing what a decent camera can show. There are so many tiny, nicks, and paint flecks in his hair. I didn’t even notice most of these until the photos were resized. Pretty sad state there. Aside from the tiny problems, the sculpt of his hair looks very nice. His bangs cover his forehead in a way that doesn’t obscure his face too much. His eyes are detailed well, and look just as they should. Complete with those weird little eyelashes that are detached from his eye lids. I never did quite understand that one.

The lower portion of Shiki’s face is emotionless as normal. After all he is a cold-blooded killer on the outside. No one needs to know that on the inside he is a jaded, jealous boy who wants to get his way. I guess that’s why he wears black. He was emo before it was emo…His shirt is amazing, quite possibly my favourite part of him. The turtle neck styled t-shirt fits snuggly against his body. From the top of his neck, down to his hips, this shirt does little to hide his shape. The wrinkles in the fabric only accentuate his physique. Shiki’s necklaces look very good. There are a couple of strange gaps in the chains, but nothing as awful as Akira’s chain. Both crosses are raised, and painted cleanly.

It does amuse me that in the promotional images for this figure, you can view him from the front. The actual figure holds the sword directly in front of his eyes. So all the detail to his front gets a bit lost when you are forced to display him from the side. Weird. The sword looks amazing. It actually looks as if ribbons are wrapped around the hilt. It also appears to be a sharpened blade due to the shading. So often we see swords that a flat silver. This one is really good. I also almost forgot to mention his jacket. This thing is a fashion disaster. It is his choice coat though, so I will let the fashion no-nos of a short sleeved trench coat, with a giant collar slide on by. I will not however let it go that there is no zipper, or that it looks like women’s coat on the figure. I have never seen a men’s trench coat bell out at the waist.

The pattern around his jacket sleeve is just about perfect. The silver paint doesn’t seem out-of-place anywhere. His glove looks good. His grip on the hilt is really nice. Around his fingers you can see folds in the fabric. Each knuckle is clearly visible too. This is a very nice hand. The silver studs on his bracelet are a bit off. I’m not sure what happened there. He does have really nice arms. Amazing detail around the elbows.

Shiki’s belt matches his bracelet, complete with poorly painted silver studs. His pants are just as tight as his shirt. I wonder if he has them sewn on like Olivia Newton John? That would be weird. There are a lot of wrinkles around his fly, making the unnaturally tight garment look like it fits naturally. If you are into Shiki’s tools, I am sure this is amazing. The zipper thing around his right leg, is awful. You can see dried glue all over. Speaking of leg zippers, can you imagine Shiki unzipping these things, and wearing shorts. The thought makes me laugh.

Now back to the billowing abomination. If you were just looking at the bottom of the jacket it would look pretty cool, blowing out around him. From his hips down it looks as if it is caught in a breeze. The problem is , from his hips up it clings to his body. A long coat blowing naturally would be moving all the way up to, at least the chest area. On Shiki however it lays perfectly still.

The back of the jacket is pretty funny too. It actually wraps firmly around his butt, and bells out immediately bellow. From the rear you can really see what I was saying about the wind effect. Maybe he has a fan blowing on his knees, so the gust doesn’t reach any higher, or maybe the torso of the jacket is sewn to his shirt, prohibiting movement…..

There are a few more crinkles down here. His shoes are plain. They do have a nice even sole etched into the sides of them. This looks pretty good. The base is a small stone looking slab. It matches Akira nicely. The only problem is, he doesn’t fit on it well. His stance isn’t quite wide enough for the pegs. With a bit of stretching he will go on, but it is kind of tough.

His other hand, honestly looks better than the first. The fingers are great, and there are no mispainted studs. His grip is a bit loose,so be careful, he likes to drop the sheath.

Shiki’s box has too very large windows. One on the front, and one on the back. This makes him very easy to view. One side panel features images of the figure from several angles. The other side shows the original concept art for the figure. Very nice Image.


He displays well with Akira.

Excluding his coat, he has a great sculpt.

Awesome sword!


His base fits weird.

His coat is terrible!

You have to display him at an angle, not from the front.

Overall Enjoyment: 7/10


About Topiki

I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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One Response to Shiki ES Kotobukiya 1/8

  1. colonelfancy says:

    Yeah, ditto on the coat. he would have to be standing directly over an air vent for it to look like that. Coat and images of zipper shorts aside, it looks great.

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