Hatsune Miku Orchestra Nendoroid

Name: Hatsune Miku

Franchise: Vocaloid

Sculptors: Oda Tsuyoshi and Takano Meishi

Manufacturer: Good Smile Company

Release Date: Jaunuary 2011

I had put off buying Nendos for years due to their chunky stature which makes them difficult to display. However, somewhere along the way, I fell in love with the Kagamine twins. I believe Servant of Evil sealed the deal. I bought them, played with them, and concluded they were very cute. Kind of cheap quality given the hype, but cute. Now seeing this adorable Miku, and all of her great accessories, how could I pass her up? I couldn’t, but I should have.

When initially playing with the twins, I thought I had seriously underestimated these toys. Rin has a couple tiny issues, but they were neat. So here comes Miku with adorable long sleeves, and a huge arsenal of goodies to play with. I had to have her.

She comes with a drum set, two leaks as drumsticks, two keyboards, two open hands with rolled up sleeves, two closed grabby hands, two long sleeves for holding leaks, Elton John glasses, two headphones showing chords, a total of three different faces, a megaphone, and a recorder for Len. I have no idea why Len gets a recorder, but honestly this was a selling point for me.

At first I was really excited playing with her. I switched her faces, put on her sunglasses, and tried to pose her. Oops. Her shoulder fell off. Silly shoulder. Oops. A pigtail fell off….Silly pigtail. Oops. Her elbow came off………….Stupid toy. I am not sure why, but I expect that like most other action figures, when I move her she shouldn’t fall apart. These are all the places she comes apart easily. Trust me you will get to know them well if she joins your collection.

Once you get her situated, she is very cute. Getting her there is the problem. She balances well on her hair so it’s pretty easy to do away with the base. The glasses fit into little notches inside her bangs, so they stay put. The megaphone can be help with her long sleeve grabby hands, or her actual grabby hands. Both work.

The wires sticking out of her head are pretty awesome. They look great.

Her pigtails have joints near the bottom, so you can make her hair all crazy. It is kind of fun to play with, but kind of useless. Her cute, little ahoge also moves. You can’t go wrong there.

Miku has two keyboards. One is grey, and one is black. She must be mega awesome to play them both at once. I had her share with the Kagamines, and Army san. I think she looks like she doesn’t get the keyboard at all.

Her cat face is really cute. One of the things I noticed about this figure is that her headphones do not fit snugly over her ears. Miku has ears, and you can see them. They could have had them fit a little better. They look really odd from the back. Anyway here you can see the rolled up sleeves, as well as one of each hand type. I do appreciate the extra hands. They have slightly longer pegs on the ends so they can fit through the sleeve piece.

Yes it’s cute. I know it is in the video, but I am not sure why this figure came with the recorder. Even more importantly, why no new accessory for Rin? Regardless, you can cram the recorder into Len’s keytar hand. It is a tight fit, but he can hold it.

It was advertised that the twins would get new face stickers with HMO Miku, but they couldn’t have been more boring had they tried. One uninteresting face each. The idea here was to update the faces to be more similar to HMO’s face. Odd.

Since I found a troll hiding under this post, I thought I would clarify this paragraph. In comparison to most Miku figures, she is rather boring in design, and lacking in detail. Her headphones have no colour at all, her sleeves are missing their little screens, and her outfit has no extra specials. I am a little impressed with all the bits the designer left off, they managed to remember her 01 marking.

Another thing that impressed me was her legs. They are fully posable, and they don’t fall off. If they had done the arms similar, it would have been far more effective. Her knees have tiny screws in them, and her hips have ball joints. From the waist down she is great. From waist to neck is a disaster. Her head, with the exception of her headphones not fitting over her ears, is pretty good. The hole in her back isn’t very deep so she falls off her base easy. Thankfully her pigtails support her well.

Good Smile is still smiling at us. I really love these little faces. Such a cute touch.

Miku comes with one of the newer, standard nendo bases. It has a hinged post that sticks into her back, then into the actual square foundation piece. The jointed post gives her more posing options (If she will stay on it).

Her box is cute, and vibrant! The colours suit her well. The front has a window big enough to view almost everything. The backside shows Miku with her various faces, and accessories. The sides also show her in different positions.


She is really cute!

She has great accessories!

Her great accessories can be used for other nendos!

She has cuter proportions than either Shuukan Hajimete or the original version.

Her legs are great!


She falls apart easily.

She doesn’t stay on her base.

She has none of Miku’s detailing.

Her arms are terrible.

Overall Enjoyment: 6/10


About Topiki

I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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4 Responses to Hatsune Miku Orchestra Nendoroid

  1. silound says:

    About her design, it’s honestly supposed to be that way– didn’t you see the music vid? Of course they weren’t going to change the design, every detail is accurate.

    • Topiki says:

      Yes. I watched the video. I just thought the figure could have been a bit less bland. She was fairly expensive for what she is, and I expected more.

  2. silound says:

    Judging by your other reviews, it seems that you really dislike how she falls apart, and even if that was her only con, you would still rate a 6/10 because how it affected enjoyment. I guess reviews aren’t really meant to be objective, but…

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