Origami Cyclone S.H. Figuarts Bandai

Name: Origami Cyclone

Series: Tiger & Bunny

Manufacturer: Bandai

Release Date: May 2012

As an avid fan of Origami Cyclone I had a very hard time passing up this figure. I tried. I really did. Tiger & Bunny features a team of eight super heroes. Eight! I kept telling myself, “Don’t you do it, you’ll have to buy all eight plus Lunatic”. Well eventually I concluded that just isn’t going to happen. Origami Cyclone sure. Sky High probably. Lunatic on order, but no more. Three is good for me. I do find it funny that Lunatic has a handful of figures coming out, and Jake has one, I think. Maybe someone other than me realized how lame that story line was….

I did find this one pretty interesting, Origami Cyclone is my first S.H. Figuarts action figure. As a collector of figma, Revoltechs, and Nendoroids this was a bit of a change. He moves completely different from all of these.

Usually I go over the packaging last, but in this case I am starting with the box. It has some poses that supposedly we can replicate, as well as some goofy text! At 7 inches tall, and 6 inches wide, this box is tiny! The front has a good picture of the figure as well as a picture of the hero inside the suit, Ivan Karelin.

The back of the box depicts three action poses that he can do, as well as one of him just standing there. Off to the left is another picture of Ivan. He looks kind of lifeless. I thought it was kind of funny that the selling points on the back of the box are “Ninja Action”, and “Product Placement”. I never would have guessed that I could use this figure for ninja poses. However, Ivan would be proud that one of his selling points is product placement! It also says “Simple style & Hiroic action”. Hiroic made me laugh.

On to the posing, which is what the human billboard, Origami Cyclone is best known for. We will begin with the picture on the top left corner of the box. This one was really easy, and probably my favourite of the three. I do kind of think it looks like he is rock star posing with the sword hilt as his microphone.

The next pose, top right corner, was a lot of fun as well. It was pretty easy to replicate, and I got to test out his clamp styled base. This one looks really cool! Awesome ninja action!

The last of the three poses, bottom left, was special. It started out looking kind of like this. Yeah, that’s a mess! He popped right apart. the only thing I was still holding was his belt. Awkward. I was a bit scared of how bad I might have broken him. Turns out Origami Cyclone is fairly resilient. He snaps right back together!

After a bit more twisting, and tugging I finally achieved this pose. It was a pain, but it worked out. The giant shuriken must be balanced against him. He can’t really hold it otherwise. Grrr…

After completing the quest of fulfilling the box’s promises, I moved on to a few more options. This one kind of sums up my feelings about the last pose.

I really had a fun time playing around, once I was thinking up my own ideas. This was another shot that I really liked. His range of movement is pretty decent. I have a tough time raising the left leg on my figure. It makes an almost Revoltech clicking noise. He has no other joints that do this, so I suppose it may be a defect.

This pose was pretty cool. I did conclude that his giant knee guards would prohibit slashy action from this position. I also think jumping in these sandals is asking for an accident.

My sister requested a sweep kick. I told her there is no way in hell after the debacle with his torso coming apart. His legs are definitely being difficult. She is going to have to settle for a round house kick. I think it looks pretty cool. I might even almost forgive him for evading my earlier grapple by ninja poofing out of his belt….

For this I decided to cameo my little deformeister. This pose looks so much better on the little guy. I think the action figure may need a surf board.

Here we can see a bit more range in movement. I had no idea he could raise his arms over his head. I frequently find this a challenge with a lot of action figures. This was fun too, but a bit tough to balance.

The details on his helmet look good. There are a couple of places where the black paint leaked onto the red a bit. They didn’t stay in the lines everywhere, but it isn’t too bad. The gold embellishing is really nice, especially the design near his forehead.

Origami Cyclone is covered from head to toe in armor. Around his neck he wears a red & white striped piece that is painted crisply. Moving downward things get a little strange. His blue, half kimono thing covers half of his body, where as the area surrounding his right arm is plated in flesh coloured armour. Strange. The blue side has some gold detailing, and a really cool shoulder pad. Across his collarbone is another blue piece that has a small golden guard on it. Diagonally along his shirt edge is a bubbly logo for one of his sponsors. Google was no help in figuring out what it says. But the little blue letter kind of looks like cookie monster. 😉

The little holes in the back of his helmet are really punched all the way through, instead of just being little indents. Here you can see his shoullder guard a bit better. His gauntlet looks great. Each little hole here is darkened to look like an actual hole. He has a little gold diamond on his elbow too.

On his right side we get gold lined ribs, and an odd red, and silver pastie? Confused? Me too. This side has a flesh coloured shoulder pad featuring the .Anime logo. He does still wear a blue, and gold gauntlet on this right arm, which kind of looks normal. I love the diamond elbow in the middle of the flesh armour. It looks so out of place.

His belt is great. They put a great deal of effort into this piece. The red circle over his belly is subtly decorated with a hexagonal pattern. It kind of resembles a bee hive. The belt itself is a completely separate piece made of a very flexible plastic. This allows for maximum movement here. The straps that hang down are also quite flexible.

Each strap is connected with a metal jump ring. Nice job Bandai! The bottom portion of his shirt consists of four posable flaps. The two long ones on the sides are hinged at the top, and move up and down. The ones on the front, and back are both situated in little round pegs, so they can move just about any direction. His pants are baggy, and decorated with gold trim that matches the rest of his garb. His leg guards look kind of neat, but they are completely obnoxious.  These huge things are connected to his shin guards so they don’t inhibit his motions too much. There is a tiny silver design over each knee. These are painted well. The itty bitty red dots are perfect. His feet are metal. I have heard this is standard? for figuarts action figures, but obviously I have no real experience here.  His ankles move really well. His shoes are painted well, and the tall soles are awesome. Impractical, but awesome!

There is a hole in his back to put the large shuriken. When it is not adorning his back, there is a separate empty mount to go in its place. When his swords are not in use, the hilts can also be attached to his back with these little jointed things. Don’t ask. I have no idea where he is hiding the blades…

Origami Cyclone comes with a total of 6 hands. Two fists, two that are fists with an open center to hold things, and two that are partially open. He comes with two swords which separate at the hilt, as well as two little connectors to put his swords on his back. He has one small throwing star, and two large ones. One large shuriken has an open center, and is meant to be posed with. The second one is mounted to the hooks that hold it to his back. There is also a separate hooked mount that attaches to his back. This empty one is for use when he wields the star.

The base that came with this figure starts in four pieces. The foundation, the post, and the two clamp pieces. It all snaps together very easily, and supports the figure really well, even when the figure is in the air. His hero name, real name, and sponsor company are all featured on the base. It is very simple, but looks really good. There are also two extra holes in the base which have little plugs in them. I believe these are to dual display him with the figuart zero figure that corresponds with it.


Super posable.

Amazing detail.

Sponsor logos replicated amazingly well.

Fun to play with.


Stiff leg joint.

Could have used a couple more hands.

Pops apart sometimes. Easy to reconstruct…

Overall Enjoyment: 8/10


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I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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