Poogie 32+1 Piece 3D Puzzle Ensky

Name: Poogie

Series: Monster Hunter

Manufacturer: Ensky

Release Date: April 2012

If you are wondering how this little ball of piggy cuteness started off as a 32+1 piece puzzle, you aren’t alone. I was wondering the exact same thing. I have never been one to shy away from curiosity, so I put one in my shopping cart and hoped for the best.

Poogie’s pieces came in two bags, each with individual pockets separating the different coloured parts. The bags were carefully folded inside of his box.

The puzzle consists of 13 white pieces, 13 blue pieces, 5 pink pieces, and 2 long striped pieces.

I started constructing his backside first, since the little white circle seemed like a good starting point. initially I thought this would be fairly complicated. In reality it was quite simple.

Each stripe consists of four pieces. At his center the pieces are bigger, and they taper off to the front, or back. Once you figure out the pattern it is easy, especially given the tops boxy gap.

Once all his stripes are assembled, and the long support piece is inserted into the center, he is ready for his pink parts. The tail, ears, and face don’t take much puzzle solving capabilities. The long striped piece fits along his back holding the whole project together.

Now if you were curious as to this +1 piece, it is an extra back piece. This one has a peg sticking up from the top. If you bought both Poogie, and Airou, the felyne can be placed on this peg. At the time I had no clue there was a second puzzle. Expect a review for Airou soon.  😉

Poogie is just longer, and just shorter than an average sized tube of chap stick. He’s actually pretty small.

The box he comes in is a simple, and windowless . It shows a picture of the completed critter on the front, while talking about the details on the back. Here we can see the cat on his back.

The paint oh his face, tail, and back looks really good. His face is adorable. He has just a bit of darker pink, adding a little blush to his cheeks, and nose. His tiny feet are painted pink as well.

He has buttons going down his back. I am not sure if it is what the designer was going for, but it really puts me in the mind of pajamas. His bow is painted cleanly as well. They really did a good job keeping the paint in the lines.

For fans of Monster Hunter, or cute things in general, this a pretty cool item. It is fun to assemble, and a fairly unique idea. I always appreciate a new twist on my toys!


Fun assembly!

Really cute toy.

Unique concept.

Cheap price point!


I honestly can’t find a negative to this one…unless you hate cute things, and puzzles!

Overall Enjoyment: 10/10


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