Panty Anarchy Metamorphose Edition 1/7 Sentinel

Name: Panty Anarchy

Series: Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt

manufacturer: Sentinel

Sculptor: Yokoshima Shinpei

Release Date: December 2011

After buying Sheryl Nome’s Nose Art figure, and with the upcoming release of Tony Taka’s Luka figure, I decided the only thing missing was a stripper pole. As if on que this Panty figure popped up used on Amazing! It was like destiny!

Panty is a little bit out of my normal league of figures to buy. Initially I found it a little bit sexy, so I ordered her. Only later to find that she is pulling on her panties. I may have thought twice about buying her if I had known that.

Starting with her head, Panty has some really great hair. Her blonde locks are painted with a pearly sheen, and highlighted with a white shimmer. Her bangs are long, and fan out across her face, slightly obscuring her eyes. Her ahoge is a nice touch. It has a great angle on it, and feels sturdy too.

The back of her hair is long, pointed, and layered. Just like the front, her hair is shimmery. There are a couple of spots on the back, near her tips where the white is a little heavy. Her wings poke out through her hair. They are cute, and small. The wing + stripper combo really makes me think of the angel stripper in the movie “Can’t Hardly Wait”. The little flight appendages are very simplistic. They are absolutely boring. Cute, but boring.

You can see the base of her wings sticking out underneath her hair. For as little detailing as they display, this honestly came as a surprise.

Her face is a bit strange, and honestly not to my taste at all. Her blue eyes are applied well, and are fairly expressive. She has a layer of blue eyeshadow over each eye accentuating her sexy gaze. What bothers me, is her mouth. The pseudo sexy, open-mouthed, playboy bunny look isn’t appealing on real women. It looks even worse on plastic ones. I mean PVC ones. I do appreciate the little tiny golden earrings lining her earlobe!

Her gold choker is nondescript. It is painted on straight, but lacking in detail. The golden collar, with its heart embellishment looks really nice. There is a silver stripe on her collar’s right side. The feathered shoulders look nice. The feathers over her raised arm, are pushed up, matching her pose. Her white top is impossibly tight, but her boobies are perky. You can see her pointy bits clearly through her shirt. I guess that’s important though when clinging to a stripper pole.

Her arms are adorned with various armbands, and accessories. The golden bands each bare a silver stripe, matching her collar. Each wrist has a slave bracelet styled with white fabric over her hands. These are quite a nice touch. Her left hand is decorated with three gold rings. This hand lightly grasps the top of the pole, holding the figure up. Her tiny fingernails are painted with a very soft pink colour.

On her right, she wears four rings. One is a pink heart, one a gold band, another is a red band, and the last has a gold and white circular design. Her fingers curl in a natural way. They don’t look boneless, or stiff.

The connection between her shirt, and her belly fits together awkwardly.  No matter how hard I push it together, she keeps coming apart. They should have just secured this part, but alas we need to be able to pull her apart to divest her of her skirt…anyway. Her belly is quite nice. She has stomach muscles that are well worth showing off.

Panty’s skirt has a sash like belt at the top. Each end of the sash has a pink heart connected with a chain. The links of the chain are clearly sculpted, the even appear to pushed up slightly, due to the pole position. The top layer of her skirt is a matte white, with subtle blue shading. The frilly under layers have a pearly finish.

Under her skirt, we have the aspect that made me regret this purchase. I realize she is a scantily clad young woman, mounting a stripper pole, but seriously. I would have been happier with Panty wearing her panties….What really bothers me is that where the right side of her panties should be they tried to cover an awful seamline with dark pink shading. It looks like her underwear were digging into her hip, poor girl. What the heck were they thinking?

The inside of her legs have a small nook imbedded in them to comfortably support the pole. This allows you to slide the pole up through her legs, and into her hand. Kinky. Strange, but quite effective.

Her legs look really good. They are shapely, and decently detailed. Her knees look great, as do her ankles. Nice ankle bones are always a good touch.

Panty is wearing gold, winged sandals that match her overall ensemble, complete with a silver stripe. At first I thought she was wearing, fantastic gladiator style sandals, but she is not. While the gold crisscrossing calf decor looks very alluring, it is a bit nonsensical. It would have looked far sexier if these were part of her sandals.

Like her legs, her toes show fine detail. None of them are flat, or out of proportion. Each toe is tipped with a tiny pink toenail.

Panty’s body is posed as a sexy dancer would look whilst performing. She is straddling the pole, while teasingly playing with her undergarments, as she holds herself upright with her free hand. Her muscles all look like they are actually being held in this pose. Her shoulders, back, stomach, knees, ankles, fingers, and toes all appear to be caught up in her actions.

Her base is a simple circle, covered in an almost disco light styled sticker. It looks really great with her. The metal pole fits snuggly into a hole in the base’s center. She herself has a lone foot peg that fits into the base. Most of her weight is supported by her raised hand.

I am not sure how this worked out for other people, but my figure’s hand does not fit tightly around the pole, so it looks a bit strange, like if this were a real girl she should be falling over.

She does come with this extra support peg, that goes somewhere, and does something, but she has no instructions what to do with it. Nor is there a clear place where it fits. The placement of the pole between her legs, combined with the hand holding on gives her all the support she seems to need.

Her box is pretty nifty, and full of creativity. The front has a giant display window accompanied by a picture of the figure. The back of the box has a giant circular window with an insert of panties inside. This was a pretty odd idea, but I kind of like it given the contents.

The sides of the box are neat as well. One side depicts Panty & Stocking together. Is it just me, or does Stocking look like a chimp? The other side has some comic style images, and dynamic text. This puts me in the mind of old school Batman, not that I am saying Batman is capable of sex appeal.

The insert they put behind the figure is covered with disco lights. It matches her base perfectly. What caught me off guard were these guys. Inside her box, Panty has an audience. A bit tasteless, but unique, and fun.


She is sexier than full cast off figures seem to be.

The quality of the figure is pretty good.

She has a very sexy outfit, and a nice body as well.


The panty pulling makes her a bit tasteless.

Her mouth is kind of ugly. (I know you didn’t click on her because her mouth looked nice)

Her hand doesn’t fit the pole right.

Her support peg goes somewhere?

Overall Enjoyment: 7/10



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I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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4 Responses to Panty Anarchy Metamorphose Edition 1/7 Sentinel

  1. colonelfancy says:

    This is a prime example of how out of control “sexy” has become to the point that it’s getting annoying. A toy that could look so much better if it didn’t look like she was trying so hard.

  2. cb27ded says:

    I find the audience watching her in the box to be funny.

  3. Anne's Anime Blog says:

    I wouldn’t be too upset about the panties. I don’t know if you bought this figure because you thought it was cute without watching the series (I do that sometimes:P), but in the show, Panty has to remove her panties to use them against bad guys–as it turns into a gun. The Stocking figure of the same series is pulling at her stockings as well (which turn into a sword). Btw, totally agree about the lack of complete gladiator sandals. Kind of odd.

    • Topiki says:

      No. I never watched it. I thought the figure was kind of sexy, and that she would be fun to review. Which did hold true. I do feel a lot better knowing that bit of character info though. It makes sense. Thanks.

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