Yami No Yuugi Kotobukiya 1/7 Scale


It was seven months ago that I was given the amazing news, a new boy was coming into my life. The delivery date was the beginning of June. Today I hold him in my arms for the first time, the joy I feel at this is indescribable. But now I’m faced with a decision every young mother must face, what do I call him? Yami No Yuugi, Atemu, the nameless Pharoah, Mou Hitori No Boku, Henry Tudor, or maybe I should just do what Kaiba does and doggedly call him Yuugi…

Yami No Yuugi is the three thousand-year old spirit of an egyptian pharoah. This Pharoah was an extremely heroic individual who was most beloved by his people. At the age of sixteen the Pharoah Atemu chose to make a sacrifice to save his people from a looming threat and seal away a great evil. He gave up his life, his memories, his name, even his place in history. Before his death he pleaded with his High Priest Set to destroy the items that would make up the seal. To destroy his very soul and that of the evil Zorc Necropedes. In his love for his cousin though Set could not destroy the Pharoah’s soul instead choosing to lock away the items. For three thousand years the nameless Pharoah stayed in complete solitary darkness. He was reawakened by a teenage boy named Yuugi Mutou. This is the reawakened version of that Pharoah ‘the King of Games’ Yami No Yuugi.

Yami’s face has been carefully replicated on this figure. The sharp tsurime edge to his eyes shows that he is indeed Yami and not his hikari Yuugi. His smirk shows the casual confidence of a winner (or title character). Spiked blond bangs fall in a jagged pattern to frame his forehead. In this rather faithful recreation his black hair is split by blond streaks that jet out across it. Personally I prefer the lightening bolt streaks that he has in various pictures. His hair is then trimmed in red to finish off Yami’s rather distinctive hairstyle. Clearly Yami wanted to go for a ‘bad boy’ look that is accentuated by the black studded collar around his neck.

His black tank top fits nice and snug against his thin torso. Because this is in fact Yuugi’s hijacked body, there really isn’t any muscle definition regardless of the fact that he probably shouldn’t even be able to breathe in that shirt.

His arms are thin, virtually pipe cleaners, but there is a little bit of muscle definition over by his biceps. His wrists are as per normal hidden by thick studded leather bracelets. Whereas his fingers aren’t individually sculpted I think his hands look great regardless especially the definition on his knuckles.

Moving down to his waist, he has on a black belt, the belt loops are clearly defined against the belt itself. The paint on it looks stupendous. The issue here? Neither belt overlaps at all. They are apparently the exact size of Yami’s waist with nothing left over. Strange. The second belt Yami wears in an almost gunslinger fashion, so it rests against his hip. There is off course no realistic way this should stay in place. I do really appreciate that they did give him two completely different belts.

His pants are tight, shiny and kind of cool. I love the paint job on them, it has a great sheen on it. Very cool.

They get a nice crinkle effect down by his knees and ankles. The sheen here stands out quite nicely because of the creases.

His shoes are weird…but accurate. More black though this time with grey accents. Like virtually everything else Yami wears these are also studded.

His hair looks kind of awesome from the side. Tall and crazy. I don’t really understand though why the black and the red are separated by an indentation.

From the side you can tell just how thin this toy actually is. He’s very diminutive for being 1/7 scale. His shirt is tucked into his pants and crinkled around his lower back.

His deck box is hooked to his belt, it’s where he keeps his extra cards. The box has a solid snap on it to hold it closed.

The red of his ridiculously spiky hair is tinged with purple. This does a beautiful job of keeping it from looking like a giant blob. The back spikes actually stays fairly consistent to the front spikes.

His back shows natural crinkles on the shirt. The way his shoulders are raised goes quite well with the sculpt of the shirt. From the back he honestly looks kind of girly. His waist seems way too thin as compared to his shoulders and his hips.

The back of his pants fall naturally over his shoes. I really like the grey stripes that are visible on the sides of the shoes though. It was unnecessary detail, but it makes the shoes look just a bit better.

The hand of cards slides easily between his thumb and fingers. The back is black and brown, classic duel monsters for you. The cards are all stuck together. If you find yourself having to take them back out of his hand it’s very easy, however his fingers scuff just as easy.

The face of the cards is disappointing, no pictures. However…this could be an homage to season zero of the anime where the cards did not have pictures for most of the animation. Just a grey border with a few black boxes. Makes me feel a little better about it already.

Like the hand of cards the card Yami just drew (or is about to play) fits right into his hand nice and easy. Too easy. Not only does removing it scuff his pretty little fingers but it falls out easy too. A peg on the card would have been highly appreciated.

Yami also comes with the Millennium Puzzle, the ancient artifact made from the sacrifice of 99 lives, this is the puzzle that housed his soul for thousands of years. It’s on a real chain. I do have a problem here though as well. The way the sculptor designed him when you remove his head the neck stays connected to the head. The problem with this is there is nothing for the necklace to rest against while you are switching pieces. It means having to balance it on his shoulders which is in all honesty a pain.

The duel disc option is nice. It shows that the game is just starting. No cards are layed out on it. Of course if you want you can take the single card out of his hand and put it down on the disc. You can also see the cards that make up his deck in the deck holder, a very nice touch.

Look four thousand life points! The screen on the disc says so!

The detail on the bottom of the duel disc looks great. The serations were it folds up are clearly defined. His hand comes off at the wrist. You have to pull off it and the leather bracelet. It comes off with a great difficulty. I mean seriously you need the strength of Hercules to get this piece off. Once you eventually pry it apart the duel disc slides on easily enough and then you have to force his hand back on. There is a bracelet attached to the duel disc.

His jacket looks amazing! It’s flowing back behind him like a cape would. The sheen on it looks amazing. Yuugi never made the same school uniform look this cool.

There are black straps attached to the jacket sleeves, a silver buckle adorns each strap. The inner part of the jacket is white which forms a nice contrast to the rest of the figure.

As with the duel disc the jacket is held in place, by the collar. When removing his head to put the jacket on him you have to remove the collar that he’s wearing. There is an alternate collar attached to the jacket itself. Said jacket also has clasps up at the collar to hold it closed if it was being worn properly.

And for your very own bit of fun, for the first run of Yami No Yuugi figures Kotobukiya threw in an extra copy of the Millennium necklace in key chain format. For your very own imprisoned Pharoah’s soul. The detail on it is pretty sweet. The eye of Horus shows brilliantly on it. You can see where the pieces of the puzzle connect which is frankly kind of cool.

The box has a large picture window on it. Great for viewing the figure in all it’s glory. The pink and purple color scheme fits perfectly. I think it’s supposed to make you think of his hair…. the interior of the box is a shining gold. It shimmers in the light no matter what direction you turn the box.

The back of the box shows a cut out of the Millennium puzzle. Which is a really cool touch.

Over all….I love him. A lot. To a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh he’s worth every single penny.

Pose: 8/10

Paint: 10/10

Sculpt: 9/10

Base: 8/10

Overall score: 9/10


About Tekizen

I am a thirty two year old fujoshi. I adore Aniplex and Capcom both to a near criminal degree. I love cosplaying. Some of my favorites to date are Miles Edgeworth and Chrollo Lucifer. I am also currently working on Tatsuya Suou. My absolute favorite genre is mystery. I LOVE a good mystery. I have a varying degree of fandoms. I love a lot of different anime, but I can honestly say I love old school american cartoons just the same. My favorite book is The Bacta War in the Star Wars X Wing novel series. I finally beat the Demi-Fiend! He was freaking hard!. I think that's all for now though.
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  1. Saphyra says:

    Hello, I’m a huge Yu-Gi-Oh fan and I just love this! I’m writing this comment because I would love to know if I can buy it online. Where did you find it? I would be very grateful if you could answer me. Thanks!

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