Tiger and Bunny Deformeister Petits

Names: Barnaby Brooks Jr., Karina Lyle, Kaede Kaburagi, Nathan Seymour, Ivan Karelin, Huang Pao-Lin, Keith Goodman, John, Antonio Lopez, Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, and Lunatic

Series: Tiger & Bunny

Manufacturer: Bandai

Release Date: April 2012

Ok so maybe the armada of Tiger & Bunny statues coming out isn’t to your liking. Maybe you are looking for something a little more demented. A little more deformed. A bit more chibi per say. well here they are, a set of Tiger & Bunny chibi figures out of their super hero attire.

Barnaby’s figure is wearing his black suit instead of his normal red and grey outfit. Thankfully. I love Barnaby, but the big red boots have to go. The sculpt is pretty decent. His hair looks great, even though his glasses are clearly a part of his hair mold. The red paint around his collar is pretty sad. His buttons all look good though, and so do his big green eyes!

From the back view we can see the rest of his curly locks. There are a couple chunky paint spots in his hair, which don’t look to hot.

Kotetsu T. Kaburagi looks a bit better than Barnaby. He is also wearing a black suit as opposed to his goofy beatnik wardrobe. Again thankfully. Kotetsu doesn’t seem to have as bad a paint job as his partner. His hair is smooth, and actually looks really good. If there is an aspect of Kotetsu that I really like, it’s his hair. His face looks nice, and his tiny hands are great!

Kotetsu also comes with a removable hat. It doesn’t really stay on his head well, and it covers his great hair so I am not going to keep it on him, but here it is. The hat!

From the back we can check out the multi layered do, but other than that, there isn’t much to check out.

Antonio is hilarious. His head looks ridiculous. His hair looks ok. Kind of on the purple side, but ok. Did Antonio have purple hair? His paint looks alright. No really obvious blemishes, well unless you count his chibi chest hair….

Again we have distinctively layered hair. I love it when the back of the hair isn’t flat. The fur trim on his coat looks good as well.

Nathan is well, Nathan. By that I mean terrifying. I love this guy, but this figure is nightmare inducing. It’s kind of funny. His right pinky finger got some pink on it, for just a second I thought they painted his nails. That would have been great. Other than his “pinky” polish Nathan’s paint looks good.

Nathan’s hair has some awful seam lines. The back of his earrings are painted, and his collar frill looks amazing. His red stripe is a bit off.

Pao-Lin is super cute in her little yellow jump suit. The front of her hair shows chunky paint spots, especially in her bangs. Her face is really cute right down to her green eyebrows, hinting at her secret identity. Her hands are done well, and her outfit has a tiny zipper pull.

From the back her hair is unimpressive. She does have quite a nice little posterior though.

From the front Karina looks ok. She is wearing her school uniform, which has pretty shotty painting. Her bow looks bad, as do her sleeve cuffs. The real kicker is the side view…

Karina, I think might be the worst figure in the set. When I first saw her character design I wondered what was wrong with her lips. You know how when you eat really spicy food your lips puff up a bit. She must eat a lot of really spicy food because her lips look swollen all the time. If you thought Nathan’s lips were crazy, this profile is too funny. Don’t try for puffy lips on a chibi. Please.

Kaede, Kotetsu’s young daughter, has pretty good detailing for a fairly complicated outfit. Not to say it’s without flaws, but it looks alright. The colors are awful. You can tell she learned fashion from her dad. Her face is adorable, a bit cross-eyed but cute. Her braid looks a little odd, like it’s not really a part of her hair. I think a bit more sculpting around the ends would have helped this problem. Her bow has chunky paint spots.

From the back Kaede looks fine. There is more detail to the back of her hair than the front. Go figure.

Ivan has a lot of thick paint spots in his hair, as well as on his jacket. His right shoulder is just terrible.  His face is kind of cute, but overall his paint is pretty bad. I do love the tiny throwing star, even if they didn’t paint the under side of it.

The back his hair is sculpted well, but suffers the same thick paint spots as the front. sadly the colour applied to the back side of clothes looks significantly better than the front.

Keith and John are the reason I had to buy yet another set of chibis that I don’t have space to display. I have to work these two onto my shelf however. They are really cute, and I love the pose. Keith’s face, and clothes actually both look really nice. His hair shows the same paint application flaws as some of the others. His hands are flat, and boring. John looks sad. I don’t think he is really happy about being made into a little figure, but I am glad to have him. John does have an indentation in the side of his head for Keith to snuggle him. It looks really funny if you don’t pose them correctly.

The back of this figure doesn’t have much to look at. His hair looks ok. John looks like a dog. Not to exciting from back here.

Lastly we have Lunatic. He is the only figure in this set not wearing street clothes. He is totally covered in little stripes, and shapes, which surprisingly they did a great job on. He looks insane. I mean he looks like a lunatic. Ok fine he looks like Lunatic. I don’t know what he is doing. His pose is awkward to say the least. His crossbow is removable from his hand, but he looks even odder without it. So it’s best to leave it be.

The back side looks like they just gave up. The green stripe creeps down from his left shoulder, and then just stops. The whole bit under the moon was left uncoloured. Whatever. It looked really great, so they had to give me something to complain about.

The bases are a lot of fun. Each characters name is displayed in a combination of Kanji, and Katakana with the English name underneath. The really cute thing is each characters name is stylized slightly different. Lunatic’s base doesn’t have a name on it at all. His has the common sign for justice, the scales. Neat touch.

The total box comes with ten trading boxes, each containing one figure. The big box displays all the possible figures inside. Each little box shows the Barnaby, and Kotetsu on the front, and the other characters on the side.


Really cute figures.

The bases have individual text designs.

A great selection of characters.


Paint is a bit spotty.

Kind of cheap figures.

Overall Enjoyment: 8/10


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