Rin and Len Kagamine Figma Good Smile Company

Names: Rin and Len Kagamine

Franchise: Vocaloid

Sculptor: Asai (APSY) Masaki

Manufacturer: Good Smile Company

Release Date: October 2008

My introduction to the Kagamine twins came in the form of my sister insisting we add the pair to our figure collection. At the time I was pretty impressed with figma’s Lelouch, and Live Stage Miku, so I figured Why not? Little did I know at the time that I would treasure them so dearly.

Note: These figures are sold separately.

In figma form, Rin Kagamine is just as cute as ever!

She comes with a total of two faces, her microphone, eight hands, and her standard figma base.

Her box shows various possible poses, that the figma should be able to recreate. Let’s see how Rin measures up.

Pose #1: Not too bad. I think I could have done better on her legs, but she can manage this pose, no problem. Here we get to see Rin’s grinning face, and her pointing hand. She also has her specific style microphone.

Pose #2: I think this pose turned out good. From this angle they show off of some of Rin’s finer detailing. You can see the 02 on her left arm, just as it should be. Also her leg warmer clearly says        ” Electric Voice System”, and has it’s normal bubbly design.

Pose #3: She can do this pose, but I’m not found of making the deliberately pigeon toed, just for some weird moe points. Here you can see the yellow ovals on her leg warmers, and shoes. These should be rectangles, but at least they weren’t forgotten.

Pose #4: This is easily her best pose. still a piece of cake to replicate. This is just a bit more dynamic than the rest, ok so it’s much more dynamic, but who’s counting?


Pose #5: This pose was really easy to recreate. Have you noticed that all of her poses are painfully simple? For a character that is so lively, it’s a bit sad. I am not super fond of this face. It looks a little lifeless to me.

Rin has some pretty small bits of detail to her character design. They did a great job on her tiny hairclips, as well as her little silver belt buckle, and belt strap clip. The alternating orange and yellow triangles on her belt are pretty sloppy.

Her big green? eyes are applied smoothly. I am not sure why her eyes are green, but they are. Her design typically has blue eyes. Her open mouthed face has a row of tiny teeth. The closed mouth face has a dark line emphasizing her mouth itself. It looks a bit dead….

Rin’s joints all move quite fluidly. Each point of articulation moves without force. This does not mean you can be rough with her. Figma joints are fairly delicate so be careful. Also because of her long detached sleeves, sometimes her hands don’t go all the way in, and are prone to falling out. Her microphone is delicate too. Right under the head feels like it could break at any moment.

Her box is pretty standard for a figma box. The front shows her, her microphone, and her alternate face. The back shows her various poses.

Len Kagamine is just as cute. I absolutely love his Vocaloid2 keyboard!

His extra pieces include a total of eight hands, one alternate face, his keyboard, and a standard figma base.

Like most other figmas the back of his box shows a series of poses suggested for the figure. Rin held hers up well. Lets check out Len.

Pose #1: I really liked this pose, and it was fairly easy to achieve. Getting the angles is a bit tricky, but he can do it! Check out that keyboard! It has a lots of  detail put into it. From the tiny keys, to the colourful buttons. It even has a dial, and flexible strap!

Pose #2: This pose is super easy. Is it just me or does he look kind of dorky here? Look close you can see the Bass Clef painted between the sides of his collar.

Pose #3: This one is really cute. I think the keyboard really makes him look good. Another simple, but nice looking pose. I definitely think his closed mouth face looks better. Maybe because his gaze is shifted to the side, as opposed to Rin staring straight ahead.

Pose #4: This pose is clearly cheating. Maybe GSC ran out of ideas, but this is clearly the first pose shifted around slightly….

Pose #5: Ok. You’ve gotta be kidding me. Now they aren’t even trying. What kind of example pose is this? Look he can stand! Yippee!

Like his sister, Len has quite a bit of little features that they tried really hard to get on him. His orange and yellow belt strap looks alright. The stripes on his outfit look really crisp. The stripes on his shorts even have the tiny holes punched in. Nice eye for detail.

Len’s faces are both pretty cute. His “green” eyes are vibrant, and placed nicely on each head. Like Rin, his open mouth has a row of little teeth. His joints also move quite smoothly. He is easy to pose, and fun to play with. His hands don’t fall out nearly as often as Rin’s.

Len’s box is just like any other figma box. You can see him, his alternate face, and his keyboard through the front window. The back side shows an array of poses to get you started. each figma comes with a handy bag to keep their accessories in!

Both figures have standard figma bases, which are easy to use. Each one has three hinges. One near the bottom. One in the middle. One on the top. This offers many options for standing, angling, and even posing your figma in the air.

They are a lot of fun. If you are a fan of Vocaloids, the Kagamines, or figma these figures are definitely worth the purchase.


Tons of fun posing options.

Really cute faces.

Len’s keyboard is awesome.

Good attention to detail.

Really fluid joints.


Rin’s dead face.

Hands sometimes fall out.

Belts are painted sloppy.

Rin’s microphone isn’t quite as dynamic as Len’s keyboard. (unbalanced much?)

Overall Enjoyment: Rin-8 and Len-9


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