Rin and Len Kagamine Cheerful Japan Nendoroids!

Names: Rin and Len Kagamine

Franchise: Vocaloid

Sculptor: Nendoron

Manufacturer: Good Smile Company

Release Date: January 2012

Somehow in my ever growing addiction to figure collecting, the idea of Nendoroids never appealed to me. I always thought they were chunky, and took up too much space. Recently I decided to try my luck with the super adorable Kagamine twins. These are the excusive Cheerful Japan versions. Proceeds from each one sold were donated to help victims of the tsunami. (Unfortunately I was late to the party, so I just got mine.) These figures were sold separately.

Rin Kagamine is exactly one half of Vocaloid #2, counterpart to her brother Len Kagamine. This particular version of Rin is a super deformed, pseudo action figure. By action figure, I actually mean a couple of points of articulation, and a ton of interchangeable pieces.

Rin comes with 4 alternate faces, one of which is blank for you to decorate with any combination of various stickers. The face she is wearing in the photo above comes with Len. Their faces are completely interchangeable. To exchange the faces you must go through the tedious task of disassembling the head. Both ear pieces come off, revealing ears…? Then you pull the front, and back pieces of hair apart. Last you ruthlessly pull her head off at the neck joint. Each new face has its own neck piece.

She also comes with two flags. When put together they complete a smiley face, and read Cheerful Japan across them.

You can also have each twin hold one for a cute scene!

Rin also has her very own whistle. There are two versions, one on a plastic “string”, and one attached to a hand. This way you can choose to have her hold it, or wear it around her neck.

In total Rin has six hands. Two of them are open, two of them are fists (to hold the flags), one holds the whistle, and one fist with a raised forefinger for use with her microphone. She also has two pom-poms. The funny thing here is the pom-poms don’t actually fit in any of her hands. They have a peg in the back of them that connects directly into the wrist socket, a bit clunky, but effective.

She also comes with her trademark microphone, and a bent arm to hold it up near her face.

She also comes with two legs that are bent at the knees. With these you can have her in a dance pose, or even a jumping pose.

The features of each face are applied smoothly, and look very nice. Her blue eyes are quite detailed, and her open mouth has subtle teeth. I’m not such a big fan of the red outline. Her face with the closed eyes is adorable too!

Rin is not without her problems though. She has a couple of sloppy lines here, and there. The lines on her leg warmers are a bit iffy. Most notably though, is her waist. No matter how hard you push, the gap between her belly and belt will not close.

Her box is yellow, checkered, and almost as cute as she is. There is a rounded window on either side, and a large window on the front. The sides, and back show various poses that can be recreated with the figure.

With every Yin, there is a yang. For every night, there is a day. For every Rin there should be a Len. That is just the way it is. Len Kagamine is the other half of Vocaloid #2, and my personal little stud muffin.

Len, like his sister has a ton of extra pieces. He comes with four faces, including the eerie blank one. The face he is wearing above is Rin’s, as they can exchange expressions. Again changing faces is a pain in the butt!

He comes with two Cheerful Japan Banners, as well as two little fists to hold them. These are just two of his seven hands. You can pose him with one, or both flags. Be creative! It’s fun!

Len’s special feature is a megaphone. He comes with two hands to hold the megaphone in different positions.

The second position…well you tell me. I have no idea! Maybe he is going to club Rin with it…It also has a plastic “string” so he can wear it around his neck. As seen with the flags above. To equip the whistle, or megaphone the figure’s head must be removed.

The megaphone also comes with two speech bubbles. I’m not sure what the message on the first one is. There is also a blank one for you to add your own message. The sticker sheet provides a means to do this. Really cool.

Len also comes with two open hands, and a hand to hold his keyboard. He has two yellow pom-poms. To equip these you must remove his hands, as they slide into his wrist sockets. Note: The pom-poms look awful from some angles.

Len’s keyboard is fairly detailed for such a deformed looking toy. It has individual little keys, and some colourful buttons. He has a special hand to hold the head, but he doesn’t have another bent arm so he can’t play it.

He has two bent legs so he can run, dance, and jump! There are some pretty fun poses available!

Len’s faces are all really nice. All three have huge blue eyes. They are gorgeous. He even has a sad face. The details to his mouth are decent. He has a tiny row of white teeth. I still don’t like the red outline.

Len doesn’t have too many paint flaws. The yellow stripes on his shorts are a bit off in places, but overall the paint is pretty good.

His box is also decorated in a cute checkered pattern. It has the same oval-shaped side windows, and a large window on the front. The sides, and back have quite a few pictures of the figure on them.

I do have few things to say in general about these toys. The figures stand on square bases with various holes cut into them. They each come with a double hinged stand that fits into the holes. The hinges allow you to pose the figure at different angles, and heights.

The joints on the twins themselves are quite strange. The ones that bend have a Good Smile Logo on them. How cute! The arms just have a peg that fits into their shoulder hole, this allows for little mobility. They should have put bending joints here as well.

I bought my figures secondhand, so I’m not sure what happened here. Each figure came with a letter of apology from GSC, stating that there was a problem with the facial stickers. They even had replacements enclosed in the envelopes. Nice!

My first set of stickers worked just fine…

They also each came with a post card. Rin’s is vertical, and Len’s is horizontal!

These two were definitely a lot of fun to take pictures of. If you can land them at a decent price, they are a blast!


Really adorable expressions on both twins.

An awesome array of accessories!

Really fun to play with.

Love the sticker options.

Lots of interchangeable features.


The arm joints are weak.

They should have given each figure two bent arms.

Paint is sloppy on the stripes.

Top heavy.

Limited mobility.

Overall Enjoyment: Rin: 10 and Len: 10


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