Gashapons, Trading Figures, And Petits Need Love Too! Part 2 Mafuyu Oribe and Tomo Yamanobe Champion RED Exclusives!

Names: Mafuyu Oribe & Tomo Yamanabe

Series: Seikon No Qwaser II

Release Date: January 2012 & February 2012

I have rummaged through the piles of Qwaser of Stigmata girls, and must say it was fairly uninspiring. I really adore Mafuyu as a character, and desperately wanted a cute figure of her.

So when Champion RED magazine released a special edition exclusive Mafuyu Oribe figure I needed it. Her face is really cute for such a cheap figure. Her eyes have a sort of sad look to them, and her tiny smile makes me wonder if she is reminiscing a sweet memory.

This little lady comes equipped with a removable towel to preserve a tiny bit of dignity. If you remove the towel, you find exactly what you would expect from a tiny gashapon style figure. Not much! Her body is pretty nondescript. Albeit she does have nice boobies. Her backside is bare for easy viewing as well. Honestly though, my favorite part of her body is her itty bitty toes!

Her pose is questionable at best. She is kneeling. Sure. The question is what the heck is her left leg doing. If her foot was flat it would look like maybe she was getting up while holding her towel in place. Here you can see the nasty seam where her leg connects. She has one on each side. Realistically it looks awkward. She should have come with something to sit on… the pink bucket you say?

Now that’s the funny part. In order to get the bucket for Mufuyu to sit on you have to buy the following months magazine. Tomo seems to be the key bucket holder. Not that I mind her, I would have bought her as well, even if they hadn’t forced my hand, but it wasn’t nice. For a whole month poor Mufuyu had to suffer from awkward leg cramps!

Tomo Yamanabe is really cute as well. She has her normal “I’m incredibly cute, but totally vapid” look on her face. Her headband is painted on nicely. The bubbles that are covering her voluptuous bosom, connect under her hair, and the bubbles around her pelvis just snap into place.

Tomo’s suds are also completely removable. Like Mufuyu, this displays her bare breasts, and backside. Also like her predecessor, she has great fingers, and toes. Very nice, for such a tiny girl.

Together they look really nice. Both girls sit nicely together on the bucket. They make for a great display piece next to my sister’s bath time Fujiko. So many sexy girls, so little shelf space. So in closing I’d just like to say, for tiny cast-off girls I was fairly impressed. The removable ability is a bit wasted here, but at least they look good.


Cheap alternatives to pricey tasteless figures (at least girls have a reason to be nakey)

The sculpt is decent, especially around their fingers and toes.

The paint job is good, and their faces are expressive. Nice shading on the hair.


You have to have both figures for it to look right.

The seam lines are pretty awful.

These are pretty cheap figures.

The cast-off option is useless.


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