Kirino Kousaka Sega Prize!

Name: Kirino Kousaka

Series: Ore No Imoto Ga Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai

Scale: N/A

Manufacturer: Sega

Release Date: April 2011


My first impression of Kirino is pretty darn good. Her pose, her expression, her palette all look precisely the way I would expect Kirino to look. Glancing at her, I almost feel like she is going to start berating me any second.

Kirino’s bright green eyes are perfect, and the slight furrowing of her brow just adds to the tension. Her nose, and mouth could use a little more definition. Just a tiny bit of paint would have been great. In the right light it looks like she has no mouth at all. The little lines reddening her cheeks is quite cute. With a bit more effort her face could have been amazing.

Her hair is a fairly subtile shade of orange. It is just bright enough to be colourful, but light enough to keep from being tacky. There is a nasty seam line dividing her bangs from the back portion of hair. Her bangs have her little trademark zig zag part. Her tiny pink hairclips are painted alright, but there is a bit of orange on the sides of them.

The back of Kirino’s hair is very simple. There are just enough sculpted strands to make it look like hair without any additional detailing. Her two little spiky points stick out on the sides, just as they should. There are a couple of mold flaws on the seam lines as well…

Kirino’s sailor shirt fits her loosely, billowing a bit around her belly. Her breast pocket is painted on. The sculpt doesn’t emphasize this at all, so it looks pretty funny. Her tie looks nice, and has the appearance that it actually continues on under her collar. The blue trim on her shirt is painted clearly, and the white stripe around the collar is very straight.

Her arms are folded across her chest in a way that looks comfortable. It doesn’t look unnatural or awkward. Her left hand rest casually on her right arm. The sculpt of this hand is decent. Her fingers are long, and slender. There is a chunky spot on her left forearm. I’m not to sure what that’s all about.

Her right hand isn’t so good. It looks like they slacked off because this hand isn’t visible from the front. Regardless very little effort was put into it. Her hand is flat, and all of her fingers are stuck together. Her wrist is also bent at a strange angle. This hand is bad! You can also see some mold issues on the shirt here.

Kirino’s skirt is pleated all the way around. It looks very plain, but at least the seams blend in decently with the folds. The blue used matches her shirt perfectly.

Kirino’s legs are slim, but nice. Her knees look excellent, front and back. The transition to her socks is a bit off. The paint crosses the line a bit. Her simple brown, slip on shoes look good.

This base is the epitome of boring. It is a plain white circle, with a slight ridge. Her foot pegs fit in snuggly, and support her well.


Her features perfectly define the character.

She has very few paint flaws.

Decent quality figure.


Very simplistic design.

Large, space consuming base.

Overall Enjoyment: 8/10


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