Miku Hatsune 1.5 Sega Prize Figure

Name: Miku Hatsune

Franchise: Vocaloid

Scale: N/A

Manufacturer: Sega

Release Date: June 2007

Over the past several weeks, I have reviewed many depictions of virtual pop idol, Miku Hatsune, each one a different character she plays. Tonight I bring to you, for her first time in Somewhere in the Midst of Nowhere, the girl behind the songs, the original Miku Hatsune!

The first time I saw Sega’s 4 piece vocaloid prize figure set, I fell in love with them. I thought the piano bases were just fantastic, so I set out to find them. I was a little surprised by the current price of them, but my sister, and I found Miku & Len fairly cheap. Imagine my surprise when I open my Miku to find….the glossy edition?

After the moment of confusion passed I inspected her a little closer. What did I decide, you may wonder? Well she is just as cute as the original version. Maybe even cuter. Her big green eyes give off a warm happy feeling, that is accented by her simple smile. Very cute indeed.

This particular Miku has quite a thick head of hair. This is the only version of her, currently in my collection that needs extra hair support. Her twin tails are made of a very heavy, rubbery material. I fear without the tiny peg that supports each side she would not be able to withstand the weight.

Each pigtail is also marred by a couple of injection marks where the plastic was poured into the mold. One on the front, as well as one on the back. The seam lines are pretty painful as well. Totally obvious.The square accessories that she wears are securely attached, and seem quite durable.

Her headset is partially obscured by her bangs. The earpieces that are visible look pretty good. The gold & pink are smudged a bit, and do very little to stay inside the black border. The microphone lays just above her collar. It is unadorned aside from two small green dots.

Miku’s dress is trimmed with little green frills. These actually look decent. There are a couple tiny smears here, and there, but they look alright. Under the small yellow box, on her top is the word Vocaloid in teensy tiny letters. Her silvery-grey shirt looks really nice, with the glossy green hair. Her neck tie on the other hand doesn’t fare so well. It is glued on crooked, and has dried paint dripping along one side. Not cool.

The back of her shirt crinkles around her waist, and near her shoulder blades. Near her lower left side there is another nasty mold spot.

Her Skirt is cute, and evenly pleated all the way around. The green stripe around the bottom doesn’t look too bad. The silly thing about her skirt is the little yellow designs. Each pleated section should have one of these little details, but for whatever reason they stopped at three. Must have been too much work.

Her detached sleeves look great. The digital boxes show all kinds of little equalizer bars.  Her green stripes are painted fairly well. I very much like her sleeves. She also has 01 on her left shoulder representing her numrical vocaloid ID.

Miku’s hands are both out at her sides. Her splayed fingers are non descript. No curves. No knuckles. Each tiny finger is tipped with a dab of green nail polish.

Miku’s thigh high boots are a shiny black that matches her skirt, and sleeves. The stripe along the top is very spotty. It looks awful, especially on her right leg. The designs just under the stripes are actually etched into the plastic. They glisten in the light. Her soles are also green. The tiny rectangles near her knees and ankles are supposed to be ovals. They look ok, but are clearly the wrong shape.

The piano base is fun, and original. She has pegs on both feet that fit snuggly into the base. The two golf tee looking hair pegs, are pretty sturdy as well.

Miku’s box is boring. There is a large window on the front, and a picture of her on one side. The other side shows a picture of Rin Kagamine, the other figure in this set.


Super cute Miku for a reasonable price.

Sturdy Figure.

Cute pose.

Great base. I love the keyboard.


Her hair is so heavy, it needs extra support.

The paint job is iffy, especially on her legs.

Her box is kind of boring.

Overall Enjoyment: 7/10


About Topiki

I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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  2. シリ says:

    hello…i would like ask for the price range when you bought this miku figurine…thank you…

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