Rin Kagamine 1/8 Good Smile Company

Name: Rin Kagamine

Franchise: Vocaloid

Scale: 1/8

Manufacturer: good smile Company

Release Date: June 2009

Sculptor: Toona Kanshi

By some awesome stroke of luck, I happened to come across Good Smile Company’s 1/ 8 scale Rin Kagamine, a figure that I had thought had slipped beyond my reach.

Rin’s pose seems a bit questionable. I am sure that can’t be comfortable for her spine. It almost looks as if in mid step she turned, and dipped. Her bangs being slightly flipped up support the sudden dipping theory.

Her hair is sculpted quite nicely. There are no noticeably out-of-place seems. Each one blends in really well. Her light blonde locks are shaded with darker yellow, adding a significant amount of depth.

The gold clips look a little strange. The paint on them is crisp, and straight. The problem is the way they wrap around on her right side. They no longer look like flat clips, but more like ribbons that circle all the way around. The ones on the left side still look like flat hair clips…

Rin’s face is absolutely adorable. She looks so young. They did a great job here. I am pretty sure her eyes are supposed to be blue, but these eyes are fine. They are a vibrant green colour that offsets the yellow well. Her face looks excited, as if she is truly happy to be performing for us today. Such a lively figure!

Rin’s ribbon and headset look fabulous. Her white bow has a light brushing of blue gracing its folds. The headphones and microphone have great detailing. Each colour is clearly within the confines of its lines.

Rin is wearing her trademark sailor fuku style outfit. Her yellow bow floats out in front of her, again supporting the idea of how she is moving. Her tiny Treble-clef is painted near her collar. It is clear, and easy to see.

The yellow frills around her arms stand out nicely. None of the yellow paint seeps onto her shirt, or arms. Very nice job on the detailing here. The yellow stripe on her collar is also perfect. Yes perfect. Her little white top billows out in front of her, showing off a bit of  cute vocaloid belly.

Her stylish yellow, and orange belt wraps tightly around her waist. The strap that hangs down looks phenomenal as well. Each little triangle is even, and the little silver hooks look great.

Rin’s shorts are…well short, we might even say tiny. They look good though. Maybe a little tight on her bum, but they look good none the less.

Her legs are long, and slender. They aren’t to shapely as to be expected from a young girl. The leg warmers are really cool. Yeah..I know leg warmers weren’t even “cool” in the eighties, but anyway. Her right leg has a plain leg warmer , while the left one has a Circle design sculpted onto it. The words “Electric Voice System” are also clearly applied to the left side. She wears simple white shoes. The yellow soles are excellent!

Rin’s left arm has quite the pointy elbow. I am not sure what happened there, however her detached sleeve looks really cool. The little green box, and its black outline are painted superbly. Her hand is almost clasped in a fist at her hip. Each tiny digit is curled in naturally. Her pointer finger stands out a tiny bit, making her seem more relaxed than if it had been in a tight fist. The miniscule print under the number 2 is actually her full name. Imagine that!

Her right arm looks much better, and here we can see the detailed sleeve in clear view. The microphone slides into her hand perfectly. They even painted each tiny fingernail yellow.

Rin’s base is a fairly plain black hexagon. The under side has itty bitty squares cut into it, so top looks vaguely tiled. There is one single peg supporting her. This allows you to pivot her on the base for posing options. She also comes with a little sign that has her, and her twin brothers names on it. This is a cute little extra if you have both figures. If you don’t, well that is a bit odd.

She comes packaged in a yellow box, that is checkered with images of the figure. The front depicts a foil silhouette of the her, and has a large display window. Each side has cute little arrow windows, not so good for viewing, but very stylish. The top also has these little triangles.

The back of the box has several pictures of the figure, from various angles, as well as the copyright information.

The three figures together look great!


She is sooo cute!

Her paint is almost flawless.

The whole set looks great together.

Her box has a really cool desgn.


Her pose looks unnatural.

Her base is boring.

Overall Enjoyment: 10/10


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I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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One Response to Rin Kagamine 1/8 Good Smile Company

  1. yomizakura says:

    no word…
    both of kagamine reall amazing
    so far both of len and rin from GSC are my favorite X3

    thank you for the review X3

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