Akira 1/8 ES Kotobukiya

Name: Akira

Series: Togainu No Chi

Scale: 1/8

Manufacturer: Kotobukiya

Sculptor: Tatsumaki

Release Date: March 2012

If it were possible to dream something to reality, Kotobukiya’s 1/8 scale Akira is just that. Dreams made plastic!

The first time I saw Uiro Yamada’s image of Akira I was mesmerized. This beautiful piece of artwork was available with the order of Akira’s Boxer Shorts. After a couple of years of ogling this image Kotobukiya decides to take it a step further with this amazing figure!

To make this deal even sweeter, Tatsumaki is working on Akira again. You may remember this little piece. I would love to talk about him right now, but that would be another whole review. :/

Needless to say I was excited! Tatsumaki does a wonderful job bringing this image into the 3D world. Every inch of his sculpt is riddled with detail. From the ahoge on his head, to the very soles of his shoes.

Akira’s hair is finely sculpted. His bangs frame his face nicely, and overlap in the center just as they should. The seam where the front of his hair meets the back is nearly invisible. It is in such a natural place that it blends right in.

The sides of his hair look as though they were deliberately brushed towards the back of his head. At first glance his hair looks messy, but upon closer inspection it seems he actually styles his hair this way. The sculptor did an amazing job making his hair look smooth, and natural.

The back of his hair is multi-layered from the top to bottom. This figure really has a great head of hair. The short hair around his neck is especially nice.

The colour of Akira’s hair is an interesting touch as well. Below the beautiful grey hair that we see, a transparent plastic was used as a base. In the light you can just barely see the flesh tone beneath his locks. This concept worried me at first. The prototype image had almost see through hair. It was….off-putting to say the least. For the final product they darkened it up, and airbrushed a halo of silvery shading around the top of his head. Very nice.

Akira’s face is well-defined. Most comments I’ve read about his face are people saying they love his sexy smile…or that he has a sexy expression. To me, his face shows a bit of disgust, as if he is looking down on someone. Maybe its just me. His face is amazing, but I wouldn’t call his expression sexy.

Moving down a bit we can see that Tatsumaki didn’t miss a beat, adding a bit of tension to Akira’s neck muscles.  From the side you can even clearly see his Adam’s Apple!

I have a pretty big issue with Akira’s necklace. Make that a couple really big issues with his necklace. The first one being where the chain doesn’t match at his neckline. This looks pretty awful, especially on the right side. The skeletal Jack on his dogtag is a bit blurry, but given its size it looks pretty good.

The second really weird thing about his necklace is that it seems to disappear under his jacket. I know that doesn’t seem like a big deal, but his jacket is worn open wide, so why does his necklace not hang around his neck. Where is it going, and what is holding it back there….?

The shirt leaves little to the imagination, not that I am complaining. It clings to his body revealing his chest muscles beneath it. It does look a bit unnatural, like maybe it is wet, or something? Maybe he didn’t use fabric softener…The torn bottom of the t-shirt is an extra bit of eye candy. Here we get to see his sexy belly button, and a slash across his side.

Akira’s jacket is amazing, or at least it would be amazing if his hair were caught up in the same breeze. Tatsumaki took great care in making sure that every fold, seem, and crease is exactly where it should be as the jacket billows behind him. The sleeve cuffs, and waistband are striped to show their elasticity. The cuffs even fit tightly around his wrists.

The leather is painted with a pearly sheen. It glistens in the light as leather naturally would. He did find an interesting garment though, I have never seen a bomber jacket without a single pocket. How odd? Overall the jacket looks great, but why is it the only thing blowing?

Like his hair, the fur trim of Akira’s hood is made of a transparent plastic, airbrushed with a thin layer of paint. When light shines through it, it looks less solid. The pegs that hold the fur on could fit a bit better. The one on his right side keeps popping out….

Akira’s left hand is almost perfect. The detail in the sculpt is quite good. Each finger has a distinctive fingernail, and a space between its fellow digits. His hand is wrapped in bandages, which are even clearly visible over his palm. The loose end of the wrapping hangs behind him. The only thing that keeps this hand from being perfect is the paint on the bandages. The promotional images show  that the bandages should be bloodstained, but as we can see here, the only red is lightly drawn between the wraps.

The dagger that he holds is the spitting image of Akira’s military issue weapon. The letters are etched into the plastic,  and painted crisply. The dagger slides easily into position, facing behind Akira. It may be placed into his hand facing forward, however it doesn’t fit quite right this way.

His right hand didn’t fare so well. His fingers look amazing. He has fingernails, and his palm is fairly detailed. Overall this hand looks just as good as his left, if not for what it is holding. His fingers are curled as if holding some invisible object. The object in question should be the top of the pants, but the only finger actively involved in the teasing fabric is his thumb. So why such awkward positioning of his other four fingers?

In case you may not have noticed Akira seems to be removing his pants for us. (Not that I’m complaining). Fun Akira Fact: The boxer shorts that he is so graciously giving us a glimpse of, are the very same shorts that Kotobukiya previously offered as an event exclusive!

Every other aspect of this figure has been finely detailed. His underwear are no exception. The elastic band at the top has a neat diamond pattern circling his hips. Akira’s shorts match his shirt perfectly, as in , they cling to his flesh in a teasingly revealing manner. Every fold, and indention accentuates his amazing physique. Not that I’m complaining.

Akira’s backside is just as nice…I mean detailed, no maybe nice was the right word. The diamond pattern continues on back here, as do the tantalizing curves. Most male figures, unfortunately , have quite the flat rears. This is not the case with Akira. He has a deliciously round tush, and this figure is not afraid to show it off. Now after that delectable treat, lets take a glance at his back. He has a bit more torn shirt here, but absolutely no definition to his lower back. Now that’s weird.

It’s pretty cool that his jeans have a button, a button-hole, and a zipper. The tiny little button even has a tinier little thread hole. It looks like they used a dark stain to emphasize his belt loops, and pockets. The folds around the top of his pants look natural, as if they are really being tugged off of him.

Again the backside shares the detailing of the front. His back pockets stand out, and even have outlined stitching. The corners of each pocket are also adorned by little silver studs. The excellent use of the folds back here support the natural look of his pants being slid off of his hips.

His legs look pretty good, they are thin, and long. We see some good crisp creases around his knees, and ankles. The only problem I have here, is that generally when removing ones pants they don’t raise their knee. This begs the question, is he really trying to take them off? Is he stalling? Is he putting them back on? Why is he raising his left leg, while pulling down on the right side?

Akira has some pretty cool shoes. Again they used a stain to darken the lines detailing his shoes. The sides of his shoes sport little silver eyelets, and the soles have a very distinctive tread.

The base is pretty simple. The paint is a bit sloppy here, I do believe this was done deliberately. Akira leans back against a pile of rubble, connected by a single peg. He fits onto it fairly snugly, however since the base isn’t very wide he is prone to falling. Make sure to display him on stable shelving.

Akira’s box, has plenty of windows to view this sexy piece. The left side shows the amazing concept art. The right, several images of the product. The front, and back however have giant windows, in which to view his appealing figure!

So overall Kotobukiya’s 1/8 scale Akira is a pretty sweet piece of eye candy! He looks amazing. If you ignore the physics of the figure, he could easily be a 9. The production flaws are minimal., however I simply cannot ignore the problems that this figure does display….

Sculpt: 7/10

Paint: 9/10

Pose: 6/10

Base: 7/10

Packaging: 8/10

Overall: 8/10


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