2012 Sakura Viewing Festival Washington D.C.

April 12th my family, and I set out on a road trip half way across the country. Our destination, the 2012 Cherry Blossom Viewing Festival in Washington D.C.


After spending the night in Ohio, where we picked up my goofy brother-in-law, and visiting some highschool buddies, we headed on to our uncle’s house just outside of the city.

Once we got there, my Uncle Terry introduced us to this amazing restaurant called P.J. Skidoos in Fairfax.

I had the best crab cakes. They were pretty amazing!

The next morning we got up bright, and early for the Cherry Blossom Parade. Terry dropped us off super close, so we had amazing seats right up front!

Sometimes I think to many cameras in one group could be bad…

There were some pretty cool floats. I really liked the Sakura Blossom. It was really neat!

These little critters are Ivan, and Naoto. On the road we stopped at the World’s Largest Truck Stop, Iowa 80. I picked up this little platypus there. The bunny came from the parade booth. We thought they would enjoy the parade too. 😉

There were also a lot of pretty cool historical things in the parade, like these terrifying presidents!

We got to see a float full of drummers. I have always had a thing for these guys. They were totally cool!

This is pretty scary. I have never seen Ronald McDonald look so creepy! He was bowing to us, but it kinda looks like he’s snarling at me. 😀

Watch out Daphne! Scoobs comin’ for you!

This thing was amazing. Some college kids made it. It was actually walking down the street! How cool is that?

We got to see Thomas Edison, and Benjamin Franklin. I thought they were pretty neat. Edison was walking around with a light bulb!

My favorite of the balloon floats were definitely the Veggie Tales duo. The kids next to us said ” Hey look it’s the potato….and the pickle!”. I laughed so hard. Seriously?

There were a lot of marching bands, and I do mean a lot. I thought this one was super cute.

Another one that caught my eye was this group. The guy in front was an energetic dancing machine. I thought he was awesome!

This was amusing as well. My sister, and I grew up in the Lorain/ Elyria area. We had just spent the day before in an Elyria hotel.

I am not going to explain the strange nuances of my brain, but this was kind of hot!

The honorable Governor of Tokyo, Shintaro Ishihara was also in the parade. I had to snap a shot pretty quick as he approached. When he got near us, we all stood up, and applauded.

After the parade we all headed down to the Matsuri Festival. Along the was we stopped for a couple of pictures outside the Department of Justice!

I don’t know what they are doing, but hey, why not?

Inside the festival we got to check many dealer booths, and even a bit of live music. One of the booths we stopped at had a support Japan flag for people to sign. I thought this was pretty cool. My name is in there somewhere.

We also got to make wishes on a Tanabata Tree, even if it is the wrong time of year. I can’t say what my wish is, but about two hours later it started to come true….I am very excited about that!

There was an archery demonstration. That was really neat.

We had Taiyaki, Oden, and Beef Bowl for lunch. we even topped it off with Dango. It was really cool. I also found a Tengu Mask, which is something I have been wanting for years!

After the festival we headed towards the capital. It seemed so close. Heh, it wasn’t. Along the way I climbed the stairs of The National Archive Building.

The doors at the top of the stairs are 38 ft tall, and each 10 ft wide. I felt like Alice in Wonderland! I had to sit down on the ground several feet away to take this photo. 🙂

After that we went to the Botanic Gardens. It was really pretty. I took a picture of Ivan in the Eastern Gallery.

We spent the rest of that afternoon sitting near the Reflecting Pool, and taking photos of the Capital Building.

If anyone ever wanted to know if ducks like cinnamon glazed almonds, the answer is yes!

After this we headed back to hotel for swimming, and Killer Bunnies. That rounds out our day at the Sakura Viewing Festival.

Day 2: The Trolley Tour will be brought to you by Tekizen.


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I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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