Himeji Mizuki and Shimada Minami Taito Premium Prize Figures

Characters: Himeju Mizuki and Shimada Minami

Series: Baka to Test

Manufacturer: Taito

Release Date: January 2012

Run: Prize

My Figure Collection Links: http://myfigurecollection.net/item/86134 and http://myfigurecollection.net/item/86135


Can you hear it? Well…can you? That my friends is the death march, played in honor of my faith in Taito dying….

Taito makes it a habit, a rather bad one at that, of not posting final images until the product is released. So having no idea what these figures would look like I went out on a limb, and pre-ordered a set of two Baka To Test prize figures from Amiami. I can only imagine that their toys would never sell if the finished product was shown at pre-order time…..

Mizuki Himeji is no exception. I have several issues with this figure. The sculpting of her bangs is a little clumsy. You can see several rather nasty seam lines in her bangs alone. The stripes on her collar are appalling, and the stripes on the front of her blouse are only slightly better. Is it just me, or do her breasts look uncomfortably squished together?

The cookie is cute, but completely non-descript, and I think she may be trying to serve us cookies from a dirty dish. What are those smudges?

Taito tried to give her a shy little blush, but a little goes a long way. Himeji looks more like she has a cold, as opposed to a shy disposition. Her hair is an amorphous blob.

There is no definitive shape to it, and it has very little detail overall. It is a lovely shade of pink however.

It took me awhile to figure out what was wrong with her face. It was off, and I knew, but placing the problem was difficult. That is until I looked at her profile. This poor girl has no upper lip area. Her nose goes right down to her mouth….odd.

Himeji’s skirt is very nicely sculpted. The pleats look really nice. Honestly her skirt is probably about the best this figure gets. Her buttons could use some definition though. Her socks look really cute, and have folds accentuating her ankles. There are awful seems on the outsides. Her shoes are super cute. #2 best thing about this figure.

To make up for the lack of detail on this figure Taito did supply us with several extra bits of paint. I just can’t accept this. This is what Taito calls a “Premium” Prize Figure. I have gashapons that blow this figure out of the water.

Her base is a boring, and extremely off-putting yellow. From head to base this figure is bright, and vibrant. From a few feet away she looks decent. She will display nicely in my closet…in her box….in the dark. Thanks a lot Taito. I do apologize thoroughly to Mizuki Himeji. I am quite fond of her character, and so sad for this figure.

Pose: 7/10

Sculpt: 6/10

Paint: 6/10

Overall Enjoyment: 6/10

Next up is Shimada Minami. Out of the six Taito figures that dwell in my family’s collection, Minami is the only one that I really like.

Her face is cute, but again with too much blush. To a lesser degree Minami shares the crooked stripe problem. Her collar looks awful, but her blouse stripes look alright. In front of her, she holds a plush monkey. The monkey is really cute, and has more sculpted detail then both girls combined. He also has minimal paint smudges, or unsightly seems.

Minami’s hair is also much better. Her bangs look sharper, and have less chunky spots. She also has a bit more detail on the sides of her hair. There is a strange chunk on the left side of her hair, near her ear. Her bow looks ok. It has minimal detail, but serves it’s purpose.

Her ponytale also has just enough shape to look like hair. She has two pretty bad spots on her back. Minami’s skirt is short, and pleated. It has wrinkles in all the right places.

Her socks are a tad less impressive the Himeji’s. There isn’t quite as much definition. Her shoes are plain brown slip-ons. Cute, and simple. Minami’s base is also plain yellow. At least it matches her bow.

Overall I was disappointed. Minami is the best Taito has offered me, but by no means are these great figures. Both have many paint flaws, and really obvious seems. They also seem to be hollow, and kind of hard. I know that sounds weird, but the texture doesn’t even feel right.

Pose: 9/10

Sculpt: 7/10

Paint: 7/10

Overall Enjoyment: 8/10

Which one doesn’t fit, and do you know why?


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