Rina Ogata 1/8 Good Smile Company

Character: Rina Ogata

Series: White Album

Sculptor: Yokota Ken

Scale: 1/8

Manufacturer: Good Smile Company

Release Date: January 2010

Run: Standard

My Figure Collection Link: http://myfigurecollection.net/item/13791

Here it is Ladies, and gentlemen! The moment you have all been waiting for, brought to you tonight by Good Smile Company, let’s give it up for Miss Rina Ogata!

For anyone who has ever watched White Album, and seen a clip of Rina’s performance, you can see just how well her character is embodied in this figure. I do believe that she is based on of the anime design as opposed to the game design. There is quite a big difference. I couldn’t find the right anime clip, so here is a short snippet from the PS3 White Album Game. Enjoy!

Rina PS3 version

Rina’s face looks really nice! Her expression shows that she is having fun performing for you. Her eyes are beautiful, and clear. GSC also gave them a matte finish, instead of glossy. Her bangs frame her face well, and look like they may be moving slightly, as she glides across the stage. Her tiny ear tails are also moving with the rest of her hair.

One thing that is a little odd about her head however is, her earrings, don’t attach to her ears. Part of them is on her hair, and part on her ears. They just don’t match up quite right. Her hair bows also sit on top of her pigtails, instead of where the hair is pulled together….

Her curly pigtails are adorable. You can clearly see where her hair is parted, and how it is being pulled into her twin tails. I am always impressed by hair that is finely sculpted. The back of her has layers of dancing locks. She is clearly moving, and her hair is no exception. There is a kind of awkward seam on the back of her head where an extra layer was added, but it doesn’t look awful.

Her outfit is really cute, and definitely sexy! Her shirt hangs off her shoulders exposing a very nice under shirt, and a sexy collarbone. The folds of her shirt look nice, and natural. We do have a major problem here though. Easily the biggest problem with this figure. The light gold.

The golden lines are uneven, and sloppy. I am not sure why they skimped out on quality here. All of the other paint is perfect. No smudges. No seeping. Beautiful. So why the chunky gold? Who knows. Her gloves are painted nicely, with a glossy black. I’m sure this would shimmer in the stage lights. They also seem to have paid quite a bit of attention to her hands. Her left specifically, each splayed finger looks amazing. Her right hand grasps the microphone. The mic itself looks decent. It comes as a separate piece that slides easily into her hand.

The flaps of her shirt are defying gravity, caught up in her dancing. Her skirt is pleated, and flowing around her. I especially like the front where it folds around her legs. Rina has some amazing legs. She is a part of the Zettai-Riyouiki Club. (Girls in mini-skirts with thigh-high socks) I believe she is Grade-S. Her socks are the same glossy black as her gloves. She has red shoes that stand out vividly against her black stockings. Unlike the Shana figure, ( Casual Version, reviewed last week) her red ankle strap connects to the back of her shoes. It even has a cute little buckle. The sole, and heel of her shoe is painted a light brown. This looks very elegant for stage shoes.

Her base is pretty darn cool too! Rina stands atop a White Album record. I can only assume it would be full of amazing Rina songs, if we were able to listen to it. This base is definately a classy, and original choice by GSC. The label on the record comes on a sticker sheet, and must be placed on when purchased.

Pose: 10/10

Sculpt: 10/10

Paint: 7/10

Overall Enjoyment: 9/10


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  1. cb27ded says:

    I love the back of her hair.

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