Super Miku Miku Miku Review Time (Append Miku Max Factory 1/8th scale, Vocaloid Trading Figure Petit Nendoroid Set, Miku Hatsune Live 2011 Blu Ray Special Edition)

            It has been a very Miku tastic holiday in my house as just recently a Vocaloid Blu Ray boxset, Append Miku, and the Vocaloid Petit Nendoroid Trading Box all seemed to have nearly simultaneously dropped into my lap. Thus a Vocaloid review unlike any other!

We’ll start here with Append Miku. Append Miku has some amazing detail to her and I really do mean amazing! As you can clearly see in the top picture whereas they took quite a few libertieswith Miku’s outfit the detail is rather astounding. Her belt (why she needs one with an  outfit like that I have no idea) is complex in its make and general design. The use of shading on her arms and legs is very nice, creating the illusion of light shining on her. I must admit I like that touch on her hair as well.

Her face leaves a LOT to be desired, she looks boyish to me. I think it’s because they made her head so thin, her chin having a much sharper angle then most Vocaloid fans are used to from the pop idol.  The other problem I have with her face, is I think this is supposed to look sexy, but that isn’t what it says to me. Thisface just screams LOADING….There is no emotion, no excitement, no…..well anything to the face of this figure. It doesn’t emote ANYTHING!

Ok…… and if you couldn’t guess from Miku’s hair there is clearly a lack of gravity where Miku is currently. This is accentuated by a piece of her outfit floating in front of her for….. no real explainable reason. It’s just…. floating there, like she forgot to tuck it in or something…. or she knew the figure needed fanservice to sell so the decided on a partially bare belly? Whatever Append Miku’s character designer was thinking, in general I have no idea. The detail just above her hip is a nice touch, but not enough to save this figure in my eyes. And then there are her boobs, as if the gravity defying random piece of clothing wasn’t enough… look Miku’s boobs defy gravity too! From the front view you can’t even tell she has boobs, my sister had to point out in a picture before she came in the mail that no those were not her shoulders…..

Seriously look at this they defy gravity to the point where you can’t tell they exist from the right angle!

To further express the lack of any feeling from this particular Miku figure her arms hang limply at her sides, she doesn’t have anywhere better to be which is clear from this the most unispired pose in my collection. I’ll admit the nailpolish is a decent touch, but why does the finger that’s covered by the glove have nail polish on it? A really strange fashion statement? A prank by the twins? Insatiable boredom on Miku’s part? No in all actuality there is no reason for it. It’s just there for the sole purpose of making my eyebrow twitch, I’m sure of it.

No for a change in background color (I think I can catch her hair better against white rather then black). Miku’s twin tails are awesome, flowing above her head in tendrils, and ending in beautiful translucency. The use of hading is quite nice. However if anti gravity is strong enough to make her twin tails, clothes, and boobs aim for the ceiling….. then why on earth do her bangs still frame her face perfectly? Huh? Ah well, I’m sure there is some inane sci fi explanation for it so I’ll let it go for now…..

She fits into her base well enough, though with any form of handling the black cord attached to her WILL pop out. But the base is enough to support her, at least for now, I do anticipate after a few monthes the base will start to weaken and she may lean, or just fall over.

I don’t now if it’s come across very clearly in my previous reviews, but I have something of a foot fetish…. So you’d think Miku’s bare feet would give me cause to cheer. But her feet aren’t cute either! The painted toenails vary in size, her middle toe has the most polish on it, which looks ludicrous. Her toes are stubby, fat, and not very well sculpted.

And god help me they look worse from the back. Lacking in detail to an almost offensive degree. Though I do like the Crypton symbol on her ankle.

The base is sub standard at best, not great but nothing worth crying over. It doesn’t take up a lot of room, and does fit the figures… crap I can’t say mood because there isn’t one…..ohh feel. It fits the figures feel nicely!

At the risk of sounding disturbingly cynical the box is the best part of this figure, with nice clear pictures of the figure on it and fluid silver writing of the characters name and scale.

Paint: 9/10 Excellent paint job aside from the weird toes. She looks great, not a dot out of place!

Pose: 5/10 …………I think for an attempt to be sexy this could have been gorgeous. Great concept, failed follow through.

Sculpt: 7/10 Gravity defying boobs and weird toes aside the sculpt itself looks pretty good. 

Overall Enjoyment: 4/10 I think for an actual fan of Miku this purchase was a bad choice. I’ll stick to what I know from now on and try to not venture out of the realms of moe Miku to frequently (there’s nothing moe about Love is War Miku though and I’m still lusting after that.) If you want a sexy Miku buy the World is Mine version and at least get your moneys worth.

Part two of the ultimate Miku fest comes in the form of an unholy amount of insane chibis!

This Miku is a little bit more befitting of my Miku preferances. It’s cute, has all the details a chibi little Miku needs (ie: a 01  on her upper arm, the tie with the two stripes, and the weird fringe around her shirt.)She’s cute, lively and doesn’t have gravity defying boobs! The paint job is crisp and clear, no smudges at all.

Yowane Haku is another cute little lady, her pose however is nowhere near as dynamic as Miku is her face is adorable, she looks really sad. Almost on the verge of tears.  She also however has the only visible flaw on any of these figures 😦

Akita Neru is the next one. She was a pain in the butt to put together. She’s in another cute pose and wearing a yellow trimmed rendition of Miku’s classic outfit. Out of all the Vocaloids she’s the only one who gave me trouble in attaching her to her base. She is holding herself down and sticking her tongue out in the traditional Japanese fashion of a Akanbe. Maybe that’s why Haku’s about to cry?

Megurine Luka is  posed with one arm across her belly, I can only presume that she’s waiting to perform, tapping her foot to the rythem.  Her outfit shows nice detail and they even left her long stockings visible through the hip high slit on her skirt!

KAITO, man I wanted a figure of him forever (if Koto’s listening 1/8th scale Cantarella version would be stellar!) He’s posed hands on his hips, a confidant smirk lighting his features, KAITO is ready to go! And just as charming as the rest of the set.

Kagamine Len is as adorable as ever in whatever he’s doing…. Honestly I’d guess pulling his shorts up but I’m probably hopefully wrong. His face is precious and the tips of his hair show just a hint of darker shading. All in all Len looks great.

Kagamine Rin matches her twin well in whatever it is they are doing….. One fist pumped in the air, a smile on her face, that makes those who don’t know better think she’s pure and innocent. Her details like the rest of them are nice, especially the triangle pattern on her belt.

Meiko is probably my favorite in the set. The characters exuberance is clearly apparent on the figure as she dances and sings her heart out.  Her face is lit up with an honest happy smile that seems to reach her eyes. All in all adorable beyond all reason!

The second Meiko however is cute but lacking fairly significantly in detail. Her pose is decent and I love the almost cat like take on her mouth.

I’m gonna call this one mourning Miku, she’s really cute but also fairly sad looking.Her black attire is well sculpted though perhaps a little to serious for the pop idol. The flower though lacking in detail is a cute touch.

And last but not least comes the secret figure. Which is unsuprisingly another Miku figure. This one though is a special disturbing little bonus. It’s jointed, and clearly confused about something. But what set would be complete without Miku spazzing out about something?

Poses: 7/10 Most of them are really good but I still have no idea what the twins are doing……

Detail: 9/10 The detailing is great, from their numbers to there belts nothing looks wrong detail wise.

Paint: 9/10 So close to perfect, only one smudge! One in the entire set!

Overall Enjoyment: 9/10 I have to downgrade a single solitary point for the mass amount of difficulty in getting them on their bases.

The Hatsune Miku 2011 Live Blu Ray was a special treat that I hadn’t initially intended to buy. But given my love for these kids I could only resist for so long 🙂 It’s a three disc collection that includes the live shows from Sapporo, Tokyo, and the third disc is a special bonus dic! The performance features Hatsune Miku:  voiced by Saki Fujita, Len Kagamine: voiced by Asami Shimoda, Rin Kagamine: voiced by Asami Shimoda, and Luka Megurine: voiced by Yu Asakawa.

The back of the box features a full set list for both shows! It includes such hits as Levan Polka and trick and traet. The illustration on the back shows an excited audience waving leak shaped glowsticks all over the place 🙂

The Dvd cases are CD cases which feels very appropriate for pop idols. They do all share the same picture on the cover though. Which honestly made me kind of sad. Note the colored strips down the side though, their color coded by who’s art is featured on the disc 🙂 And that is cute! By coloring coding Miku is green, Luka pink, and the twins are yellow!

The discs themselves feature the same pictures of the four characters with a digitized background. Cute and fun the way Vocaloids are meant to be.

The insert booklets have lyrics (in japanese), and the third one has some adorable live action Vocaloid pictures! They are totally squeal worthy!

They included in it a  insert which for someone who really wanted to could use it as a mini poster, I choose to leave it in the box though, it’s cute but features the same art…….. again.

The DVD itself is stellar, the graphics look great, almost like the characters really were there dancing on the stage. The audiance is lively and excted, and the band performs great!

It also came with a strange little bonus Nendoroid plus Hatsune Miku. It’s cute… and kind of scary…. I think it might eat souls….. She’s wearing the same costume she wore for the concert finale. Heaven forbid she also has more shading in her hair then most full scale figure……….I’m head over heels for this little lady 🙂

She came in her own cute little box that slips right into the dvd box too!

Overall Enjoyment: 10/10 This Blu Ray collection made me so happy in so many ways!!!!!!!!!!

So there you have it the Super Duper Miku Extreme Review!!!!!


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  2. How freakin awesome are you!! very to anser. but your so lucky i always wanted the nedoroids of vocaloid your so lucky


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