Golden Darkness and Haruna Sairenji FurYu Chistmas Figures!

Characters: Haruna Sairenji, and Golden Darkness

Series: To LOVEru

Manufacturer: FuRyu

Release Date: October 2011

Run: Prize

In lieu of Christmas just around the corner, here I present FurYu’s To Love Ru Christmas figures, Haruna Sairenji and The Golden Darkness!

Haruna Sairenji sports a cute, girly santa outfit, and a present just for you. Her hair and skirt are both blowing slightly as if guided by a cool breeze. You can almost imagine her walking toward you present in hand. The fur trim on her outfit has a texture befitting of representing fluffy fur. She even has matching hair accessories.

Her hair has plenty of detail. There are visible layers where her hair is blowing.

Even from the back you can see the where the imaginary wind blows. Here you can also see the attention paid to her fingers. I know I mention this a lot, but it shows dedication on the sculptors part to not make “mitten hands”. There are even folds on the gloves where her fingers bend.

You can also see here where her fingers curl caringly around the package as if it is very special.Right down to the soles of her boots the sculptor did an excellent job making this figure look very natural. 10/10 for her sculpt.

Her Paint job is decent, but not over whelming. Her eyes are nice, and evenly spaced. There a are a couple tiny places where the white paint seeps into the red along the edges, but they are all under edges and difficult to see without inspection. Her bow is painted well as is the package. The lines on the present are all crisp, and straight. There is a purple stain on her right forearm that bothers me, but i have had far worse prize figures. Did I mention her colors are bright and vibrant? 7/10

Being exceptionally happy with her sculpt I have already detailed out my feelings on her pose. If you need a summary though here it is. As lifelike as a  cartoon character can be! 10/10

The biggest overall problem with Haruna is her base. Not only is it nondescript, but it is also transparent. I do not like being able to see the foot pegs, and copyright info from the top. She seems sturdy enough, but I am unhappy with her base. 4/ 10

After carefully inspecting Haruna Sairenji I must say my overall enjoyment rating is an 8/10! If you are looking for something to perk up your Christmas collection I highly recommend this sinfully cute figure!

Next up The Golden Darkness, or Yami for short!

I know some of you may not be fooled. She goes by Golden Darkness now, but you may know her as Black Cat’s Eve. Yami’s Sculpt is very nice. Her hair is especially nice as it flows around her while she spins? Like Haruna her fur trim looks very nice, and her fingers are all nice and even.

I have no idea why that piece of hair on the left isn’t flowing with the rest, but whatever. Her cape billows out in the same direction as her hair. Overall the sculpt is well……detail wise nice. I, however can’t make heads or tails of what she is doing. Her body is twisting,”most of her hair is blowing, and she is entirely pigeon-toed. Overall I give the sculpt a 7/10, and the pose a 5/10.

The Golden Darkness has a sub par paint job as well. Her blacks and whites don’t really cross, however the sides of her dress are painted poorly. The underside of her longer skirt is also pretty bad. Her hair has rough patches where it looks like too much paint was applied, and her eyes are just a bit to far apart.

Her color scheme fits her character, but overall her paint job gets a 6/10.

Her base is also obnoxiously annoying. It is huge, transparent, boring, and has this hideous leg support. I guess with her Forrest Gump legs there was no other choice….*sigh* I liked this figure before I started reviewing her. 3/10

My overall enjoyment of The Golden Darkness is reduced to 4/10.

I saved the box for last, as they both have the same packaging. The front of the box shows an art image of both girls in their figure poses, on either side of the large window. Each side shows one of the two figures, and the top has a large window.

The back of the box shows the two girls together. Very standard prize figure box. Nothing wrong with it, but nothing special. Each girl comes in blister plastic to keep her safe.  Overall packaging 5/10.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!!!!


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