Black Hanekawa 1/7 Alter

Character: Black Hanekawa

Series: Bakemonogatari

Sculptor: Tanaka Touji


Manufacturer: Alter

Run: Standard

My Figure Collection Link:

I recently received Alter’s Black Hanekawa as the best early Christmas present ever! Special thanks to my brother-in-law Michael. Thanks Mikey!

Every now and then in my figure collecting I find a true gem. Hanekawa is the latest. She is one of my beloved children now.

You may not want to play with this kitty!

It seems that finding dynamic female figures has become more of a chore lately. However Hanekawa kind of breaks the mold. She looks feisty, and feral while still looking sexy. Almost perfectly sculpted to look like a girl in action!

Each one of her fingers and toes is individually sculpted and painted with a dab of nail polish. Her toes are even splayed in such a way that she may have just landed upon the bricks. Excellent detailing on the sculptor’s side.

Hanekawa also isn’t too shy about giving us a bit of service. Here we see a bit more attention to her body. Is that a belly we see? I think so. Another note worthy tidbit are her button holes. Yes she even has button holes!

The only major flaw in her sculpting is the major seam on her left leg. From the front it cannot be seen. If you have a mirrored shelf though…beware. It is quite a large blemish. Man, I love those feet!

Here you can see her splayed fingers, toes, and hair. Her hair blows out around her. Again making it look as if she just landed before you. There are a couple minor seams on the backside of her head, as well as one on top. From the front view, unnoticeable.

One more from above. Her hair is simply amazing.

Her face is also quite nice. Cute, mischievous, and a little bit wild! Her eyes have a slight indentation, she has fur tufts near her ears, and she even has fangs! All in all I give her sculpt a 9/10.

The detail to her paint job is just as impressive as her original mold. Her fingernails and toenails are each painted. Each of the little cat heads on her pjs are perfectly alike. no abnormalities at all. You can even see her tiny white fangs, button holes, and draw string! An easy 10/10 on her paint job. No smears, smudges, or jilted lines. Excellent!

One more shot of her face. Look at the details to her mouth and eyes!

Hanekawa’s packaging is decent, but nothing special. It has a large front window for clear viewing, as well as a small window in each side. Added to that is the one long window across the top.

There are various images of her strewn across the back. The design is nice, and very good for protecting the figure. It is not however, eye-catching or particularly interesting. Inside the box she is protected and held in place by molded plastic, and a wire around one leg. Packaging 7/10.

All around I was very impressed with this figure. I have no major complaints, the seam on her leg being the most prominent. Even that isn’t so bad, since it is mostly hidden by her hair. I highly recommend this figure to fans of the show or character. Overall I give Alter’s Black Hanekawa a 10/10 score!

Do you suppose they shop at the same store?


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