Caro Ru Lushe and Friedrich too!

Character: Caro Ru Lushe

Series: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS

Sculptor: Asai Masaki

Manufacturer: Max Factory

Release Date: March 2011

Run: Standard

My Figure Collection Link:

For my very first review let me introduce you to one of my very favorite figmas, Caro Ru Lushe. She’s cute, she’s colorful, and she’s here today for your pleasure.


Caro comes packaged in a typical figma box. The colors are beautiful pink and purple shades that match the figure. The inside cardboard features a magic symbol that can be punched out and attached to a d-stage.

Very pretty, but very typical of figma.

Sculpt/ Pose

Caro comes with an array of accessories. Two extra hair pieces, 6 extra hands, one alternate face, an extra dragon head, additional arm pieces, a hat, and even a couple of extra pieces for her lil’ comrade Erio.

Caro’s sculpt is fairly decent. Everything about her looks very nice. The only major flaw is in her skirt. It looks really nice, but in reality it is very stiff, inhibiting movement.

Her little dragon, Friedrich has a posable head and legs. He also has a clear piece that attaches him to her base. He can fly around her in various different positions. Friedrich’s head can also be switched out for a fire-breathing variant. Overall this figure has very few flaws in design.

Caro’s cape is also posable. Nice touch. Adds a slight bit more versatility.


Caro has a very nice paint job. Her lines are all crisp and clear. No smudges. No blurs.


Well its clear. It comes with a post. Its hexagonal. Oh yeah! It’s a figma base!


Overall I found this figma to be a lot of fun. I thought she had quite few pose options, and I loved her accessories. Friedrich was a great addition as well.

Packaging 8/10

Sculpt 8/10

Pose 7/10

Paint 9/10

Base 7/10

Enjoyment 9/10

And an added bonus!

Enjoyment bonus +2.


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